Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dear Yuletide

I'm extremely late with this, so I hope that my writer still gets some use out of it.

Request 1
Fandom: In the Flesh (TV)

I like pretty much every character on this show. So even if you go with a minor character, I'd probably be happy. My absolute favorite though is Kieren. What I'm most interested in, is the worldbuilding in this verse. To explore the situations as shown in the series, is far more interesting to me, than just the romance between the characters. I'm fascinated by the connections between familymembers and found family, how events have consequences and how the larger world reacts to everything that happened.

Request 2
iZombie (TV)

Once again, a show where I like all the characters. But especially Liv, Clive and Ravi. I don't really ship any pairing in particular on this show, so whatever you want to go with is fine by me.I would love you forever for anything focusing on Clive, and how he reacts to finding out that zombies are real, or that he's been working with a zombie for over a year now.That or Liv's family finding out what really happened to her.

I'm not much a fan of end of the world narratives, I'm far more interested in how the characters deal with the zombie issue in the real world.

Request 3
Fandom: Spider-Man (Ultimateverse)

Just because I need more stories focusing on Miles, how he deals with being Spider-Man, the effect it has on his family. Or just the relationship between Miles and Peter.

Request 4:
Fandom: Scarlet Spider

hero or monster, and what's the difference
Kaine in prison, and how that he deals with it
dealing with the past
Peter and Kaine as brothers and how that affects both of them. May meeting Kaine...

Request 5

Fandom: Sky High (2005)

I'd just like to see more fics focusing on Will and how he continues on. Will's future, how being his parents son affects his career. How Sky High learns (or doesn't learn) from what happened in the movie. And how having known what it's like to be powerless and seen as less, affects the hero he ends up becoming once he's graduated

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