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On shipping

I feel i have a certain.. theme where some of my deeper ships are concerned.



Peter Parker/MJ Watson

Peter Parker/Matt Murdock








Sam/Dean (up to a point, though only in dark fics)


Jessica Jones/Luke Cage

This theme being ships were one of the two is hopeful, and the other isn’t. Where one tries to do the right thing, and the other learns from them and tries to become a better person. Even if only for this one person, and ends up as bettering themselves as a consequence.

It’s not always the same person who brings the same thing to the relationship, but that’s what makes them more fascinating to me.

I do ship other ships, usually involving one char in fandom whom I can ship with pretty much everyone, but these are the ones that have the most impact.

I mean, I love sweet cuddly ships like Scott/Kira, they’re adorable together. But though Kira supports Scott, and he her, neither of them needs any kind of redemption through the other. And there’s no real contrast between them in that matter.

And Sam/Steve is another fluff ship in a way, since they both support one another. But both are already good mostly optimistic people from the start. Same goes for Johnny Storm/Peter Parker, both good guys, one slightly more serious than the other, but both essentially good men.

This theme doesn’t always work, there are some ships that could fit the theme, but that for various reasons never called out to me. Usually because one of the chars in it, just doesn’t work for me. These I’ll read if they’re good enough, but I don’t generally go looking for them.

Say, Harry/Draco, Will/Hannibal (which can get interesting, cause it takes the theme and usually reverses it, with the darker person, dragging the lighter person into the abyss with them), …

Or ones I’ll avoid unless they’re extremely good and come incredibly highly reccommended, Loki/anyone. (sorry, but it takes a hell of a lot of effort to get me to believe that Loki is redeemable. And the moment the writer starts tearing down Thor, or even Odin to make Loki look better, they instantly lose my interest.

What really becomes interesting, is when people claim to have this theme for their pairing, and then you look at the pairing and start going? But these two don’t represent the theme in the slightest.

I mean, take Sterek, Stiles does NOT make Derek a better person, and Derek does not make Stiles more optimistic. (nor the other way around) They’re both cynics, who’d drag each other down with their angst, making  one another worse in the process.
It's like shipping bangel, only without any of the chemistry, (sub)text or even liking of one another.(sorry, complete crackship involving Teen Wolf's least interesting character, aka Stiles)

Yet, you still see sterek fans comparing their ship to ships like siren, destiel or stony. While they don’t even come close to it. It just makes you wonder what people think they’re shipping, when you look at canon vs fanon.
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