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I used to really like the kink meme. Back in the day, I even tagged for the com. There were always loads of interesting prompts and most of the time you had a pretty good chance to get your prompts filled .

But the past few years, things changed. It wasn't just people moving away from lj. It started before that.

These days though, it's like over half the prompts are repeats from the past few years and most if not all of those tend to be bottomJared, or at the least were turned into bottomJared. And God help you if you post a bottomJensen prompt, because chances of getting one of those filled are getting smaller with every passing month *pouts*

I get that everyone has their preferences and all that, but I just can't in any way get into bottomJared. I just don't find Jared all that attractive, sorry, but I just don't. It's not just his size, it's the way he looks in general, his face, his attitude. There's just nothing vulnerable about him that appeals to me, to want to care about his emotions in the way I do about Jensen's.

And don't even get me started on bottom Sam, cause that's one of the most out of character things imaginable as far as I'm concerned. Sam is such a control freak and utter top, the idea of him bottoming pulls me right out of the story faster than pretty much anything. (short of bottomJohn, those are even worse)

Hell the only thing worse is top Dean or top Jensen, especially when they turn Dean or Jensen into an asshole, which is a quick way to get me to stop reading. I just need to care about Dean or Jensen to like the fic, and if you make the heart of the show unlikeable to me, then well... it won't matter whom you pair him with, I just won't be interested

I tried you know, tried to keep coming up with prompts, to keep people interested in bottomJensen. But it's hard to keep writing prompts when no one is filling them. And even when I tried the letskinkjensen community, practically no one but me seemed to post any prompts. It's just hard to keep putting up posts, when almost no one responds to them.

It's like this fandom is just getting less and less interesting to me, and I don't know how long I can keep my interest in the fandom or the kink meme, if things keep going as they are.

In the past when one fandom started losing my interest, I could always move on to a next one, but these days...

Teen Wolf fandom seems obsessed with the worst crack pairing possible, and it's all about the most boring character on the show. Cause honestly, I do not get the interest in Stiles, he's just a boring less well written version of Xander. And the more I see of him on the show, the less I want to see of him. He's just getting more and more annoying, yet somehow TW fandom seems to be hooked on the guy even though he's got pretty much nothing appealing about him.

And Scott fans are nice enough, but most of us seem to be so held down by the overflow of sterek, that it's hard to get inspired and just start writing and readin the kind of fics in this fandom.

I just can't think of any other fandom where the characters interest me enough to move on over to writing the fanfic for it. Cause sure, I like Grimm and IZombie, but somehow, awesome as those shows are, I don't seem to be as inspired to write about it.

In the Flesh works somewhat, but the fandom is just so small. And so much of it seems to be limited to one small portion of what made the fandom interesting in the first place.

Even crossovers are getting less and less interesting, and I really don't know what's left for me to do.

I know I don't want to move fandoms. Not while I've still got stories about Jensen and Dean inside of me. But it's hard to keep doing so, when it often seems like people are only interested in a version of the characters that has nothing in common with the chars I fell in love with.
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