Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Need help on setting up a Teen Wolf RP

Does anyone know how rp’s work on tumblr? Any ideas on how to get one started?

I have an idea that might be interesting involving Teen Wolf (primarily, but pretty much any supernatural fandom might get involved eventually, not sure on that yet) But I have no idea how rp’s work here.

And sure, I could arrange for things on lj, but since most of TW fandom is on tumblr these days, I figured that tumblr might be better. (then again, if I could just get people to get an lj for actual gameplay and just advertize on tumblr...hmmm)

I’d appreciate any help and advice (including if someone wanted to take my idea and help me set things up.)

Pretty please?
Tags: rpg, scott mccall, teen wolf

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