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AO3 statistics
Pretty sure, I've done this one, once before,but ah well, might as well do it again.

Top five by hits:
1. A pet isn't just for Christmas (13.914 hits)
2. The Pet Whisperer (13.822 hits)
3. Eat it Twilight (13.648 hits)
4. Survival of the Species (10.575 hits)
5. Beautiful (10.097 hits)

Top five by kudos
1. Eat it Twilight (368 kudos)
2. A pet isn't just for Christmas (318 kudos)
3. The Pet Whisperer (235 kudos)
4. Proper Omegas don't drive cars (197 kudos)
5. The dog that belonged to himself (185 kudos)

Mostly dark fic, some gen fic (esp. my SPN/CM crossover)

Of course those are the ones on my liliaeth account, my actual most popular fic, both in comments, kudos and hits is well uhm

A farmer and his cow (24.440 hits, 440 kudos and a grand total of 121 comments)

Slavery AU - Set some time in the future, about a century ago, a scientist looking for a cure for infertility discovered ambrosia instead. A drug created from the body fluids of people fed on a special serum since childhood. Ambrosia is the ultimate cure all, prolonging life, increasing good health and increasingly valuable. In a world dealing with financial mayhem, it's the norm for families who are struggling financially to sell off one or more of their kids to one of the many milking farms.

8 year old Jensen's parents just lost their jobs and money is getting tight, so Jensen is sold to the Padalecki Ranch just down the road. There, Jared, the owner, trains him to be a good little milking cow along with the rest of his live stock. To Jared's great pleasure, and Jensen's misfortune, Jared soon discovers that his new cow is developing into an Omega, a rare breed of the altered human capable of giving birth to farmborn ambrosia cows.

Will the world outside the farm change before it's too late?

Somehow that one's been a hit since I posted it on the kink meme. It' probably also one of the darkest fics I've ever written

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meus_venator From: meus_venator Date: May 26th, 2015 03:54 am (UTC) (Link)
I loved A farmer and his cow. You wrote it at about the same time Jay Tryfanstone wrote Tomorrow, When Apricots are Ripe.
There is something so compelling about stories of blatantly unfair AUs, especially when the people participating in that AU don't seem particularly evil.

Now your Jared, the more we got to know him, the more crazy he came off, but he was running his farm in good faith. The world wanted his product. But it was all the subtle cruelties and how he mixed his work with his pleasure that he finally loses you. It was like a 10% difference that pushed him into the evil camp.
Then at the end his total lack of understanding of what he did wrong was the most horrific. Like you would imagine Hitler would feel.
Just a fascinating read, worthy of praise.

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