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I hate talking negative about my co-workers to my boss, I really do, especially when it's temp workers who'll be gone in a month.

[work issues]But when a guy annoys the hell out of me, acts as if he knows everything and then starts pretending that I'm the bad guy and goes whining with lies to the temp office he's working for, then I have no choice but to send a mail to my direct supervisor.

Figured it was best to inform her from my side of the story, before she heard from the temp office when she gets back on Monday. (she wasn't working on Friday)

Either way, hoping not to get in trouble over this, and to get rid of the damn asshole.

Seriously the solution to me getting your name wrong, isn't consistently coming up with different wrong names for me, at one point with three different versions in five minutes, when all he had to do was correct me the first time I got his name wrong and I would have apologized and corrected myself. (I mean seriously, when I get a name wrong and you don't correct me, then I go on assuming that I've got the right name, so please, do correct me, I'd never intentionally mis-say or even mispronounce your name if I can avoid it)

Look, I might be a bit bossy, but when my boss tels me to work with a temp worker, who's never been at the post I'm working at, to show him around, tell him how to do the job, then yes, I will be giving orders. Not because I like being in charge, but because we had some complaints about the mobile team when they took over either my post or my other co-worker Semra's post in the past few weeks. Once he was fully worked in, I'd have left him to it, but this was his first three days on the job.

He already annoyed me the first time I saw him by showing up ten minutes late, planning to go back out to call his office as soon as he arrived. It's not that I blame him for being late, when he was only called in at the last minute. But when you are late, you don't start off by making a phone call. He could have easily sent off an text that would have gone through somewhere in the building if he happened to hit a spot with a cell phone connection sooner or later. (the building is horrendous in regards to connections for phone networks, or even radio)

And then when we were finished, he started complaining because we were about five a ten minutes over time. He was ten minutes late for crying out loud, he should have been happy he got to catch up on the time he lost.

And then on Thursday he started complaining that I made him do most of the work... Completely ignoring that on my own floor I'd cleaned up the meeting rooms, did the coffee corner, collected all the dishes, put everything in the dishwasher, did part of the toilets, did... (just cause I made him do the vacuuming and let him clean off the tables does not mean he was doing most of the work, not by far)

When I then ask him to do his kitchen, while I'll head off to take care of the green floor on his part of the building, I assume that after telling him three a four times that thursday we do the inside of the coffeemaker, that he'd understand that that was a part of the job. Or you know, that after I mention the dishwasher several times that day, that he'd realize he still had to put it on. He didn't, on either counts.

The only thing of his account I can't deny is that we spent more time on my half of the building than on the ground floor. But you know what, when I'm on my own, I don't spend as long vacuuming as he did. And I didn't even make him do the restaurant(?) floor with wet, just had him swiff that and the hallway. Neither of which were all that difficult to do. While I was doing the floor of the front part of the restaurant, you know the bit with the counter, the dishwasher, the coffeemaker and the soupbowl, aka the part of it that's actually dirty rather than just having a bit of crumbs on it.

But suuuuure, he 'had to do most of the work' *grumble*

It's bad enough when a guy's a know it all, but when all they can see is the few things they do, while completely ignore the work other people are doing, then it really works on my nerves.

Just hope we won't have a problem on monday.
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