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reverse bang: the chemicals between us - Me myself and I
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reverse bang: the chemicals between us
Fic Title: The Chemicals Between Us
Author: obsidianromance
Artist: liliaeth
Fandom/Genre: RPS, Horror
Pairing(s): Jared and Jensen - mostly gen but there is a hint of J2 to come if you want it to be there.
Rating: R
Word Count: 16,200
Warnings: zombie apocolypse, zombie!Jensen, scientist!Jared, blood, gore, OMC death, angst, survival fic, friendship, cursing, medical jargon, disregard for rules of human biology
Summary: Jared's world has turned upside down when the dead are starting to outnumber the living. He's smart enough to survive and smart enough that one of the largest survival groups in the world risks their life to save him. Because Jared might just be able to figure out what causes the zombie virus. And with freshly turned zombie, Jensen, at his disposal, he's steps closer to finding a cure. The problem is, does it come at the cost of his own humanity or will Jensen be able to teach him that being human has nothing to do with biological makeup.
Notes: <lj user="obsidianromance"> wrote an awesome fic based on my art that has a great Jensen and Jared set in a dark doomed world.
Link to fic: LJ

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Very pretty nice jobless
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