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When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

From a CW RPS fic
1.It should have made him happy, even made him feel victorious, but it wasn’t enough to get one over on Jeff in this case. No, it wasn’t enough to not lose, he wanted to have Jensen, wanted to see those big green eyes hooked on him, as he opened the boy’s legs and stretched them out over his shoulders, wanted to knot him and hold him in his arms for an hour until the tie went down. Wanted to grab hold of those lips and force his tongue in the boy’s mouth, wanted to feed him strawberries and pancakes, anything to make him look less ragged and bare to the bones.

From In the flesh
2. She wondered how she’d missed it before, the pale white skin, the milky broken eyes. He wasn’t even wearing any cover up. For a moment she hesitated, looking around to see if there was any other space available, but all of the seats had filled up already.

From a Teen Wolf/SPN crossover I'm writing
3. He remembered how the very idea of it had unsettled him, made him wonder about his mother’s grave. But Gerald and Winchester had treated the case as old hat, easy even. Winchester even brought his oldest son along.


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