Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Trip to Southampton

Getting stuff ready for my trip to England this weekend. (I’m visiting my sister. Trying out the bus, going to go crazy, ten hours on the bus, just to stay over for one night, but… I really want to see her and the kids. Of course then I find out that a week after I go to England, she’s coming over to Belgium… typical ;-) )

Anyway, trying to find a way to stuff at least some clothes in my suitcase, seeing as how it’s already full with presents for the kids. (and I still need to add my sister’s present or pralines to it…. aarrgggh)

Also need to add the chocolate I bought them for Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas day)

Starting to think it might be better to leave the chocolate at home and give it to them when they’re here…

One things for sure, both my backpack (also full of presents) and my suitcase are going to be really empty when I come back

I guess I’m destined to be the auntie that spoils the kids ;-)

Tags: trip to england

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