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We're apparently supposed to do a random lj post or something today, and I'm sure I'll post something longer later today. But...

I just wanted to say that aside of all the other reasons that Scott McCall is my favorite character on Teen Wolf, one of the biggest ones is his character growth. (this goes for the actor as well as the character, Tyler Posey is probably the one actor who's grown the most into his role and improved as an actor overall. I mean, Tyler Hoechlin was always awesome, and I liked Posey from the start, but over the past few years Posey is getting to be as good as Hoechlin and has definitely long surpassed O'Brien, who imo has stagnated since s1)

A surefire way to get me to love a character, is when they learn from their mistakes and are affected by the experiences they go through to grow as individuals.
Character growth isn't always positive, but at least it shows that they aren't just Teflon figures who are the same in the first episode as they are in the last. (for other examples, just look at how Sam and Dean Winchester have changed from s1-9, the change is almost heartbreaking.)

With Scott, to see him go from that sweet young naive child, to this maturing young man who's learning about responsibility and taking up the burden of leadership. To see how he deals with school, love, friends... it breaks my heart and makes me love him more with each passing ep. And has slowly but surely set him on the path of replacing Peter Parker's spot in my heart. Especially now that the real Peter is gone, thanks to Dan 'may he rot in hell' Slott.
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