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Apocalyptothon 2014 - Dear Writer

By now you've received me as your assignment, and are probably going "Oh fuck"
Sorry for that.

But fear not, I'm not that hard to please. Really, honestly, truly.

I love angst, serious reflections on situations, but I can go with humor long as my faves aren't the butt of the joke. (it's this embarrassment squick I've got, sorry)

As for my requests, well...

1. Teen Wolf

I know I'm being demanding, I'm truly sorry for that and I don't mean to be a pain. But I'm really hoping for something focusing on Scott. He's so often erased, bashed and pushed to the side in Teen Wolf fic, that by now I've often come to despair finding fic that actually feels like Teen Wolf fic.

I plain out love Scott, he's the character I most relate to, and the one I adore above any other character on the show. He's kind, caring, considerate, intelligent and everything I'm looking for in a character. And the fact that he's so often ignored is probably the biggest thing to stop me from really getting into reading in TW fandom.

I feel he's got chemistry with just about any character on the show, and can be paired off with just about anyone.

I love him as the true alpha, love him as the silly kid just trying to learn to cope with being a werewolf, love him being a good friend, a caring son, ...

I personally have a huge love for the 'the world finds out' trope, but if that doesn't work for you, any other kind of apocalypse is ok as well. Long as Scott is at the center of things.

Just please no sterek. That pairing just doesn't work for me in any way or how. I just don't see any interest between those two. The only way that pairing works is as a part of Stiles/Scott/Derek, with both of them tolerating one another for Scott's sake.

2. Captain America

I have a type of character I love, as you might have noticed when I mentioned Scott. An that's kind, heroic, capable and intelligent with a sense of responsibility that isn't just limited to their closest friends.
As such I've been a fan of Steve Rogers, long before the MCU was thought up.

The biggest thing about Steve though, is his ability to inspire. I don't care what kind of apocalypse you put him up against, long as he's the one to lead people into survival or rebuilding the world after the apocalypse. Letting him be the leader he's meant to be.

I love Bucky, Sam, Natasha, I'm find with gen, slash, het, whatever, long as you don't ignore Steve. Because Bucky might be other people's woobie, but Steve's mine ;-)

3. Grimm

The best thing to me about Grimm, is the mix between the supernatural and the mundane, with Nick being a cop.
I'd love to see how being a cop affects Nick as he deals with wessen.

Once again, your pick of apocalypse, or if you deal with the prompt of the world finding out. I just love seeing Nick at the center of things. Once again, ok with gen, slash, het... I like almost any Nick pairings, am ok with almost any kink except for scat and watersports and I adore the 'the world finds out trope'

4. Supernatural

Angst, angst and more angst is always a plus*g*; I love hurt comfort with Dean as the hurt party, and if anyone is turned into the woobie, I'd prefer for it to be Dean. I prefer Cas to be BAMF and I identify more with Dean than with any other char on the show.

I love to see interactions between angels and humans and how they deal with the angels having fallen and what this means in regards to the apocalypse.

Go grand, go small, go however you want, just as long as you make me feel for Dean

Other than that, go wild.

5.Supernatural/Teen Wolf

I've been looking for a halfway decent SPN/Teen Wolf crossover for years so there isn't much you can do wrong with this as long as Scott is the main char who gets to interact with the spn characters.

It'd be awesome if you could bring the McCall Pack and the Winchesters together in an attempt to survive the apocalypse as they try to make things better for the people under their protection.

Please no sterek, not even implied

So in general, I love stories focusing on more than romance, I'm hugely into angst, heroes and characters with inherent kindness and caring. I love stories with heroes who rise to the occasion and try and help people who depend on them whether they know them or not. I love crossovers, and if any of those other shows feel better in regards to a crossover to you than the tw/spn one, I'm fine with that as well.

So hoping that wasn't too intimidating, or sounding too entitled and that you'll be able to have fun with it.
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