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Dear Crossovering Author

Hi there,

Hoping that list made some sense.

As you might have noticed, much as I love people work together, I have just as much of a love for pitting two fandoms against one another. Especially when one is more real world, while the other is more sci fi fantasy based.

I'm pretty easy on fandoms, and if I asked for them, I'm probably at least interested enough and aware enough of the fandom to love reading about them.

As for extra things.

I hate to ask this, but it's a pretty big thing for me, so I feel I have to.
I love teen Wolf, it's a great show, and I like almost all the characters on the show.
But my all time favorite is Scott McCall. I pair him up with just about anyone since he has chemistry and subtext with pretty much any character he shares a scene with.

Unfortunately he gets ignored a lot in Teen Wolf fanfic, and esp. in crossovers. If you manage to write a Teen Wolf crossover with Scott as the main character I will probably love you forever. Stiles is not a favorite, but I can tolerate him as Scott's sidekick. Just please don't make him the main character. Also, please no Sterek, it's an NOTP for me.

I also love Hunger Games, but I'm not interested in Hunger Games fusions. I'm much more interested in the Hunger Games characters meeting characters from other fandoms, than to have a repeat of the hunger games, just with characters of another fandom put in the Games.

I can read Supernatural crossovers with just about any fandom and be happy. Especially since Dean is one of my favorite characters of all time. Same goes for Peter Parker in Spider-Man, Steve Rogers from the MCU and as mentioned before Scott McCall from Teen Wolf.

Highlander can rarely go wrong, I just prefer a focus on the show's characters, rather than just using OC's with the show only used as a framework. I get just wanting to use Highlander as a way to bring deceased characters back to life, I love those too. But I just really want people to meet Duncan, Methos, Amanda, Richie.... and/or any other canon character you can think of..

Hoping this isn't too restrictive, have fun writing and I can't wait to see what you come up with.
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