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Anyone here on lj that wants to talk about In the Flesh with me?

It's nice to have people to talk to about it on Tumblr, but I'm always up for talking about this show here as well.


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chesneycat From: chesneycat Date: June 3rd, 2014 02:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi! I'm the person that wrote you that 'In the flesh' treat for rarewomen. Unfortunately, no-one on my friends-list seems to be watching the show, and I happened across this post while looking for discussion elsewhere. I hope you don't mind a complete stranger gate-crashing your LJ?
liliaeth From: liliaeth Date: June 3rd, 2014 02:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh I loved that treat, and the more the merrier, especially 'In the Flesh' fans. :-)

It's just so hard to find In the Flesh fans on LJ, I actually had to go on Tumblr to find fellow fans.
chesneycat From: chesneycat Date: June 4th, 2014 01:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
They don't know what they're missing!

You've seen episode 5 where you are? [But just in case, I'll keep the next bit spoiler-free and mostly stick to stuff that's already in episode 4] I found Simon's backstory very poignant. He's a lot more sympathetic as a character now, particularly with his own inner conflict of loyalties being forced to the fore. It's going to be quite a finale, whatever he decides to do in the end. Any thoughts on whether his assumptions about Ren are accurate?

The allegorical side of the show is really deepening with every new episode, and I can't see any of it ending happily. With plenty of personal growth, perhaps, and maybe some healing of relationships between certain characters, but I'd put money on it all being a bloody, painful mess.

Amy and Philip continue to be an absolute delight, really exploring their humanity and what it means to love and be alive. They do seem to be mirroring Freddie and Haley in some respects, but hopefully with a happier outcome. I'm sure I'd find Amy incredibly annoying in person, but bless her, she does deserve a break. The turn her life took in E5 was pretty clearly on the cards, but it does make me wonder if it means anything more than what it is, especially with what Maxine was learning at about the same time. And ooh, that Parish Council! I want to give the whole lot of them a good slap!

Any predictions for the finale? (I'll be keeping a close eye on that village fete bunting...)
liliaeth From: liliaeth Date: June 4th, 2014 01:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm actually from Belgium, so we get to see the show along with the Brits :-)

So no worries about spoilers.

I felt so sad for Simon, I read a review that mentioned that it was good they kept what happened to him until after we'd already gotten to know him. Because it made the horror of what was done to him even worse.

I also like that they didn't fully demonize the doctors. They obviously did start out with good intentions. Even up to asking Simon for his permission to take part in the experiments once he was able to do so. And then things grew worse and worse when they didn't get the success they wanted to have.

Personally I would really like for Kieren to be the First Risen. But then I'm a huge fan of the 'chosen one' trope.

though part of me keeps thinking that even if Kieren is the First Risen, that it's something that's purely coincidental, more to do with how fast he got out of his grave than anything else.

And another part of me keeps thinking, what if he isn't, and they kill the person who really was the First Risen, and it turns out that nothing happens...

What I find interesting about Philip and Amy is that it could oh so easily fall into the nice guy storyline. You know, with Philip being out for Amy and getting rewarded with the girl. Just like Amy could have so easily been the manic pixie dream girl. And then they subvert that.

With Amy getting a storyline of her own, that matters for her sake. And Philip needing to learn to actually be a better person, not to win Amy, but for his own sake. And it's only when he becomes someone worth knowing, that she returns his interest. (and even then part of it is probably because she just caught Simon and Kieren kissing.

My biggest fear is that Amy'll end up being the one that Sandra Furness saw rising out of her grave. I really really don't want to lose her.
casey_sms From: casey_sms Date: January 3rd, 2015 09:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Late to the party but I'd love to talk about this show with you. I'm trying to start a Friending Meme so people on LJ can add each other! If you're interested, please check it out!
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