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Supernatural season nine

I hate to admit it. But one of the things I loved about this week’s ep of SPN was the utter lack of the angel storyline. It interests me so little that I don’t even mind the lack of Cas.

A big part of the problem is that the writers seem unwilling to fuse the angel storyline with the Winchesters beyond Gadreel and even then…

I just don’t care enough for Cas on his own. I mean, I like the guy as a supporting char to the Winchesters. The way it was in s4-5. But by now its like SPN is split in two shows that barely even touch one another.

I think that my biggest issue with Supernatural’s story arc this season is this… The Winchesters have pretty much little or nothing to do with the actual season’s arc. They’re barely written to have any connection with the angel storyline at all, and if you’d erase them from the angel storyline, it wouldn’t really change anything about the storyline itself.

[read more]Maybe if I were more focused on Castiel, I’d love to see him be the focus of the seasonal arc as he’s been, but…

It’s like how season 3b of Teen Wolf was all about Stiles, with even Scott becoming a supporting character in Stiles story. That might be fine if you’re in it for Stiles, but when he’s not even in your top five of characters….

Unlike Stiles, I don’t even dislike Castiel. I ship Destiel, I like him as a part of Dean’s story. What I don’t like is for Dean to be pushed aside and the story to be made all about Cas. Because my emotional connection is with Dean, not Cas.

I don’t mind the occasional ep where a character other than the Winchesters is at the core of the story, like this week’s ep of SPN that focused primarily on Jodi Mills. Since there was still some focus on Dean’s story arc with the Mark of Cain and Sam's reaction to it. Because that’s a Winchester centric storyline, even if they weren’t the focus of the episode.

But the angel storyline feels like we’re watching a crossover with a Castiel spin off, and we’re missing all the emotional depth and meaning because we’re missing over half the story that’s going on on the other show.

There’s all these supporting characters that show up and get killed and we don’t know any of them, so we have no reason to care for them. And since none of the angels in said storyline, including Metatron, give a fuck about what the Winchesters are doing, that storyline doesn’t really involve Sam and Dean. They’re there, but … just as supporting characters to Castiel. And that isn’t what Supernatural should be about. .

Compare that to the demon storyline, where Crowley was with the Winchesters. They might not be central in the war, but they’re still a part of it, they are involved in it, due to the mark, due to Crowley’s manipulations, because they want to take down Abbadon… because.

I don’t even like Crowley all that much, but the demon storyline still interest me, because it directly affects the Winchesters and they’re the protagonists in the story.

I can’t say the same about the angel storyline this season (or the last few seasons at that)
And that's a damn shame when the show is supposed to be about Sam and Dean...
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