Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Sorry if I annoy people with it, but Sterek is just a major red flag for me.

I swear, I have never hated a ship as much as I do Sterek.

And it's not just because I don't like Stiles, not really. I've had ships before where I only like one of the two characters. And I can tolerate Stiles in Sciles fics so it's more than just Stiles.

A lot of it, is that Sterek fandom is so damn invasive and tries to erase Scott.

On top of that, the majority of Sterek fic I've seen gives Stiles Scott's personality, Scott's role in the story and tries to at best turn Scott into the wacky sidekick, and at worst turn him into the villain, or completely erase him from the story while making Stiles the hero. They completely ignore that Derek is canonically obsessed with Scott, that Scott is in Stiles top two of most important people in the world. (the only one he cares about as much as Scott, is his father) And more often than not, they act as if Scott is stupid, which is just pretty much canonically untrue.

Maybe if Sterek were written more in character, with Stiles as the asshole he is in canon, with the writer acknowledging that in canon they don't give a fuck about one another and need to start actually caring about one another beyond the use they have to Scott, that I might not be so against the pairing, but until then...

Really, the way Sterek fandom behaves, I despise the pairing more than I ever did Bangel.

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