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Just had a visit from a moron on AIM.
No better word to put it.
The moron in question, just started insulting Spike just to as he/she put it 'get a rise out of hte spuker'.
I'd never talked to him/her before, I didn't know the name, but without reason he/she just started saying how Spike's a rapist or stupid or...
Anyway, I responded a few times before growing tired of it, put him on warn 20% and blocked him. Let's hope that the freak stays away from now on.
(hey s/he started the warning thing first)

other news...


They can't do this to me. They just can't.

Gunn *sniff*

My boy Gunn, my second fave char on Angel. Nothing is supposed to happen to my boys.

And Wesley and Lindsey... And Harmony going evil and ....
They just can't do this to me.

And I really really really don't want to loose Gunn

Am I the only one who liked Harmony and didn't want to see her go evil? I liked Harm. I liked the idea that she soullessly could try to follow the rules. Just because it gave her something that just being evil couldn't.

It's just wrong.

And I really don't want to loose Gunn.

I do like the idea of the cliffhanger though.



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