Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Very very annoyed

I am this close to giving up on this months spn_otpkink

I swear, I just keep having to delete almost every single prompt posted in the meme this month.

It seems like the same person who keeps doing this on the spn kink meme is now using their word file filled with old bottom!Jared prompts and posting them one by one on the kink meme. It's not just that they're all bottom!Jared prompts, it's that pretty much most if not all of them are reposts. (and not even of their own prompts, several of them are if I well remember also originally bottom!Jensen prompts with the positions switched)

Seriously, it's this kind of posting that ruins a kink meme, for me at least.

I was so looking forward to spn_otpkink
But whomever is doing this, is really ruining it for me.

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