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Rare women Fanfic Exchange

In the Flesh (TV):
Jemima Walker
Amy Dyer
Janet Macy
Sue Walker
Shirley Wilson

I love all the characters on this show, and all the potential storylines. There aren't many stories in this fandom, so pretty much anything would be awesome.

Whether it's the mothers dealing with their children dying or coming back from the dead, whether it's any of them living through the zombie apocalypse and then finding out that there's a cure.
Whether it's Amy coming home and finding her family gone, and coming to cope with her death, the Rising or her guilt... how she feels about Kieren or the undead prophet, her reaction to Rick, anything really
Or how about Jem's reaction to her brother's suicide, her anger at his return, her friendship with Lisa and how she dealt with coming to face with her brother during the rising.

Or just them dealing with life after the three aired eps.

Warm Bodies - All Media Types
Julie Grigio
Nora Greene

I'm especially interested in what happens to the characters after the movie (or the book) is over
Not just Julie as a love interest to R, but what is it like to see the dead healing, her interaction with her father, both before, during and after the movie or book. (I personally prefer the ending of the movie, but I'm grateful to see a fic for either

Emma (Supernatural)
Nancy Fitzgerald
Linda Tran
Naomi (Supernatural)
Claire Novak
Cassie Robinson
Missouri Moseley
Tessa (Supernatural)
Jody Mills
Tamara (Supernatural)

Supernatural has so many strong female characters, but usually they take the backseat to the male characters. I'm ok with most things, outside pov, different perspectives, characters actually surviving... I'd love to see what Emma would have done if she had been able to control her nature, what is it like to be both an Amazon and a Winchester. I'd have liked to see Nancy becoming a hunter, surviving and how it affected her faith. Linda's grief over Kevin, how she survived that year as Crowley's prisoner. Naomi's perspective on things, Claire's reaction to seeing the news reports about Castiel proclaiming himself a god, and so on.

Cassie's reaction to hearing about the Winchesters on the news, finding out that ghosts and monsters are real, Missouri or Tessa as more than just a plot device

Jody Mills or Tamara as hunters, as mothers, as...
Just go wild ;-)

Grimm (TV)
Juliette Silverton
Marie Kessler
Kelly Burkhardt


I love anything to do with the Grimm mythos, or the character's sense of purpose in the story

Teen Wolf (TV)
Kira Yukimura
Erica Reyes (Teen Wolf)

This was the one fandom I was most hesitant about requesting. I for the most part love the show and had an instant love for both Kira and Erica. I would love to get to see Kira talking to Melissa, the way Scott got to interact with Kira's parents. I love stories that have Erica surviving and thriving away from Derek and her feelings in regards to Boyd who's another fave of mine.

But the one thing that made me worry about requestiong this is that my all time fave char on the show is Scott McCall, without a doubt. Not to say he has to be in the fic, but that would definitely be a plus. Either way, I hate to see him bashed or turned into the bad guy in any way. On the other hand, I'm not a Stiles fan. I don't mind him so much as a friend of Scott's, but he doesn't interest me as a main character, that and I really do not like Sterek, so please no reference to it.

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