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I didn't always used to hate Stiles

There used to be a time when I didn’t hate Stiles. Sure he annoyed and bored me in equal measures, but I could watch the show without wanting him gone.
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He reminded me way too much of the bullies that screwed up my childhood and basically made it so that I’m still scared of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing in fear of people hating me for it.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t go for asshole characters like Stiles, like British Sherlock, like Loki, I’ve seen too many people like them and they’re not worth knowing.

And yet when watching Teen Wolf season one, I could ignore the guy and focus on Scott and be happy. Only then I made the mistake of coming into fandom and over a period of little over a year, the very people who call themselves Stiles fans have taken care of it that I now hate his guts.

That just seeing his name as the main char in a fic ensures I will not read it. That seeing him as part of a pairing will make me lose pretty much most of my interest in the pairing. And a lot of it has to do with the way his fans behave. With the lack of respect they show to people who think different from themselves.

I used to be indifferent to the guy, and now I hate his guts and get reminded more and more of those very bullies that used sarcasm and socalled wits to ruin the life of anyone that wasn’t a part of their little group. That intentionally excluded anyone that wasn’t like them.

Sarcastic assholes might seem funny on television, but in real life, they’re hell.

But I used to be able to ignore that, to just push him aside and focus on the characters that mattered, because the show was awesome and Scott was just so lovable and had all the traits I adore in a character.

And sure it annoyed the hell out of me that when I went into fandom, that all I could find was Stiles fics, even if most of them gave Stiles huge parts of Scott's personality while writing Scott ooc or completely ignoring him. Or that if I looked for crossovers, pretty much most of them had nothing to do with the actual show and were instead generic fics with sweet kid/brooding darker man fics, the likes of which you could find in pretty much any fandom.

But it did stand noticeable that aside of the fact how most of them ignored Stiles misogyny and acted as if his asshole attitude was just him being 'funny', that the majority of them still felt nothing like the actual show.

Hell, I remember when people started shipping Scott/Isaac and I was hopeful that we finally get some focus on Scott, ... only as usual, people started focusing on the white half of the pairing, and even then most fics with scisaac are Sterek fics with Scisaac as a side pairing, with primary focus on what a poor woobie that Isaac is, completely ignoring Scott's issues or feelings or...

It's something you notice in a lot of fandoms really.

Take Criminal Minds. Derek is a canonical victim of sexual abuse, treated horribly about this as a child and overcoming it to be the hero he is in present day. If he were white, there is no doubt that he'd be the woobie of the series. And instead most fics focus on what a poor woobie that Reir or Hotchner are.

Angel, we've got Gunn, a kid who grew up on the street, taking care of his little sister. He's the regular human of the group, if he were white, everyone would consider him the relateable one.

And instead he's barely used in fics and when he is, it's just as the buddy to Wesley, his relationship with Fred for the most part ignored. And half the time his issues and pain is just ... pushed aside, because poor ignored Wesley is 'so much more interesting.

In s1 Pete on Smallville had the exact same role as Stiles did on Teen Wolf. Funny sidekick. The actor playing him, Sam Jones is just as good if not better than Dylan O'Brien (keep in mind that my opinion of O'Brien's acting is not that high). Yet within a season, his character was not only pushed aside, but even though Pete was the canon char from the comics, he was quickly ignored as best friend to Clark and easily replaced by white girl-reporter Chloe Sullivan. A character who just like Stiles quickly took over the show's fandom.

Take Psych, I'm not the show's biggest fan, but what eps I've seen, you'd think that Shawn and Gus would be the pairing to ship. Best friends, as close as brothers, they have everything that people who ship the likes of wincest or that brother pairing on Numb3rs would go for. Yet... they aren't. Instead people focus on Lassiter instead.

Take Grimm, where you could easily ship Nick with Hank, yet instead, Nick/Monroe and Nick/Renard

Take Sleepy Hollow. Though I'm glad we get a focus on Abby who's my fave char on the show, fandom only seems to do so, because there's no white male for them to ship Ichabod with. Seriously, if Captain Irving were white, everyone would be shipping Ichabod/Irving... (and if anyone has the guts to say we didn't know enough about Irving to ship him with anyone, I've got plenty of Renard/Nick fics to show you how meaningless that seems to be when the character is white and thus considered 'pretty')

After a while you just start to see a pattern and that too plays in how much I've come to despise Stiles, and the likes of him.

Because people don't like to admit that they're following a pattern, but they are and it's a rather racist pattern. By now, I have no doubt that if Scott were played by a white actor, instead of by a Latino one, and Stiles were played by a black or otherwise poc actor, no one would give a single bit of a damn about Stiles. Other than as the wacky friend. Because it sure as hell is not the character type, or the acting that seems to make a difference. No matter how much Stiles fans might like to claim that Dylan is so much better an actor than Tyler Posey, a claim that is mockworthy since Dylan is just playing himself and the difference between Tyler and Scott is pretty large once you start actually following Tyler Posey.

But then fandom as a whole doesn't like to look at their own behavior and when you call them on it, they will deny it, will talk about what a poor woobie Stiles is, as as if.

Admittedly, another part of it is that fandom as a whole loves it's assholes. House, Loki, British Sherlock...

Hell even in spn, the more Sam starts acting like an asshole, the more fans he seems to get out of it. It's like being an asshole seems to get more people to relate to him, even as they completely ignore said asshole attitude in their fics where said assholes suddenly become the poor victims of circumstance and it's really the decent people around them who are the blame for said asshole's bad behavior. (and I'm really sick and tired of the woobiefication of Loki, cause Loki is many things, but a woobie is not one of them)

And it's an asshole attitude that is directly related to their whiteness, because when a poc character dares to do anything wrong, even if it's not half as bad as anything the white asshole does, you can bet that sure as hell, said fans will jump on it like a bone and will hold it over said poc character for all time to come.

It's an attitude that unfortunately traces through to real life as well. Where a white kid who does something wrong is seen as a victim of circumstance, while a black or poc kid is judged over and over for the most minor flaw. Because people 'relate' to said white kids and can come up with excuses for their behavior. But people can't seem to do the same if said kid isn't white.

And if we don't start looking at people's reaction to TV and media characters and judging this difference in response, then how can we expect them to look at their real life reactions as well?

So yes, I hate Stiles, I hate Stiles, because his fans refuse to see any of his flaws, because his fans keep making excuses for him, for anything he does, no matter what crap he pulls, does or says. And I hate him even more, because said same fans will crucify Scott for any choice he makes even if those choices are to save lives or do the right thing, or just the crime to care about something other than the feelings of their white boy fanfave.

I've come to despise Stiles, not just because he's an asshole, I can ignore assholes in other fandoms, but because his fans refuse to acknowledge he's an asshole and project his bad traits on Scott, while stealing Scott's good traits and handing them to Stiles.

And most of all, I've come to despise Stiles, because the moment you admit that he's not even in your top ten of fave Teen Wolf characters, that it makes you an outsider in Teen Wolf fandom and people just don't seem to get that some of us have actually met real life Stileses. And they're not nice people to know.

And I really hate being reminded of the kind of kids, that would run off on a school trip and leave you alone in the middle of a big city, because to them, if you're not part of their clique, you're nothing.... Because that's what Stiles is to me, and I can't help but hating his guts for it.
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