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Just a random thought about this week's SPN ep - Me myself and I
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Just a random thought about this week's SPN ep
that goes beyond how this ep has made Sam lose what little sympathy he still had left after s8.

In fact here are several things I can say about this ep, some are even positive, and I probably will sooner or later.

But I can say one thing that this ep proved beyond a doubt.

There is no way that Sam is a bottom or submissive in any meaning of the world. he's far too dominant, demanding to be in control of every aspect of his life. The idea of Sam submitting to anyone just goes beyond any suspension of disbelief I could ever get past.

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dreamsofspike From: dreamsofspike Date: February 6th, 2014 01:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
I agree that Sam is by no means a submissive. I've always seen him as more dominant. He's quiet about it, usually, but he's the one that's got the core of iron underneath all that softness. Dean is the one that likes to bluster and try to APPEAR to be the alpha male, when inside he just wants to please.

Though I don't think Sam ruined my sympathy for him. I think he was absolutely right in what he said. I think maybe, MAYBE they're finally going to achieve a more healthy dynamic in their relationship.

Sam didn't say he didn't love Dean, or that he wouldn't DIE for Dean. What he said was given the EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES, he wouldn't do the same thing Dean did. AKA, he would have let Dean make HIS CHOICE and not forced the issue via possession. Considering how hard-fought-and-won Dean's free will has always been on this show, I can't fault Sam for respecting that.

To me, it says he LOVES Dean more than he NEEDS him. He'd be willing to let Dean go, if that's what Dean wanted. :/
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