Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Taken from frillybunny

Angel or Spike?
Spike. No doubt,no hesitation. I can't even stand Angel outside of slash fic.

Buffy or Willow?
Buffy. You might not have noticed, but I don't exactly even like Willow.

Fred or Cordelia?
Difficult choice
Uhm, Fred. (What? she was nice to Spike...)

Xander or Oz?
XANDER! Oz is a bit of a non-entity for me.
Never really got the huge Oz love. Pity me.

Lilah or Lindsey?

Giles or Joyce?
Joyce (nice to Spike versus tried to kill Spike, see Fred)

Wesley or Gunn?
Gunn. I just love me some Gunn. Why are so few people writing Gunn fic?

Anya or Tara?
Anya... Tara... Anya... Tara
Just don't make me choose, I love them both.

Connor or Dawn?
No choice possible, I love both.

Kate or Jenny?

Darla or Drusilla?
Neither, uhm...

Who is the best couple?
Buffy w/Angel, Spike, Riley, Parker, or Scott?

He's the only guy who truly loves her in the lot.


Angel w/Buffy, Fred, Cordelia, Eve, Darla or Drusilla?
Angel/Spike, or Angel/Wesley, but if it has to be het, ... Angel/Darla, or Angel/Nina, two of the only women that ever had chemistry with Angel.

Fred w/Wesley, Gunn, Angel, Spike, or Knox
I used to say Fred/Gunn. But then they ruined that ship by making it all about Wes. I don't see Fred/Angel, and Fred/Spike is best left as friendship. Spike needs friends.
And well, Knox is evil, not to mention dead (then again, so's Fred)...
Fred/Feigenbaum nah

Xander w/Willow, Anya, Cordelia or Inca Mummy Girl?

Willow w/Xander, Oz, Tara or Kennedy?
Willow/Nobody, but since Tara loves her, I'd say Willow/Tara, for Tara's sake. (though I don't see what Tara sees in her)

Some questions about Buffy.

What is your favorite overall episode?
Tends to change, a lot.
Right now, 'Never Leave Me'

What episode did you cry the most in?
Beneath you, that final scene of Spike and that cross, heartbreaking.

What episode do you wish you could erase?
Uhm, does it have to be an entire ep? I mean, I'd be happy with just the B/A kiss of EoD/Chosen.
Hmm, can I erase Chosen? The ep that finally pulled me over the edge and made me despise the scoobies.
And just for sheer badness, Doublemeat Palace, except for that one scene with Spike. And 'As you were' except for the Spike bits. JM was brilliant in that one, even though the ep itself reeked.

Who is your favorite character?
Spike, with Buffy a close second.

Who is your least favorite character?
Willow, may she die a slow and painful death.

Some questions about Angel.

What is your favorite overall episode?
So far? Damage

Who is your least favorite character?

What episode were you most surprised by?
depends if you mean in a good or a bad way<g>
Rain of Fire, Concord.

If Angel and Spike had a rematch, would Spike still win?
I wish to god that Spike'd win, but knowing the series, Angel'd most likely win.


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