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SPN:909: Holy Terror

I had several issues with this week's ep of Supernatural. But I don't have the time or interest to spell them all out.

Here's the biggest ones though.

[Spoilers beware]

1. Whenever there's an angel centric story this season, it seems like Sam and Dean become little more than bystanders in a Cas centric story. I like Cas, I do, but I like him as a supporting character to Dean. Not as the main character of the story. I want him to add to Dean's story, not for Dean to become a supporting character to Cas.

2. Kevin, Kevin was my fave male character besides Sam and Dean. I liked him more than any other male currently on the show. That ought to tell you how I feel about what happened to him.

3. The main reason the fights between the angels were boring, is because all of them, every last one of them are barely more than cannon fodder. We don't know them. We are never given any reason to care about them. The one that came closest was Muriel, and we barely got a few minutes with her before she was killed off.

the rest of them, sure, cool fight scenes, but most of what should be of interest in a fight scene is whether you give a damn about whom does or does not survive and in this case... we don't care about any of them.

If they won't give us a reason to care beyond the damage done to the innocent bystanders whom we're also given no reason to care about, then why should I give a fuck about who wins in a battle between Malachai and Bartholomew?

4. Ezekiel being Gadreel

The first question I asked afterwards is, 'who the fuck is Gadreel?'

and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

If you want to give a shock and awe moment of 'Ezekiel's been lying, and he's really ....', then wouldn't that work better if his real name is well... somewhat known?

Either build up to it by mentioning said angel in a previous season,  have the name show up, or something told about him that seems off the cuff or in a story from Cas or whatever... but have it be a name that the viewers know in advance.

Or even better yet, pick an angel that at least some of the viewers would recognize at the drop of the name.

Now Lucifer was already used, so it can't be him. Same goes for Azazel. But you know which other fallen angel has never been used by spn before...


Yes, not as big a name as Lucifer, but of all the fallen angels, he's still one of the biggest names out there, and they haven't used him yet.

They could even make him somewhat sympathetic, say he fell because he fell in love with a human woman, and he was punished for it, locked up, because he dared to have a child with a human.

It's a big name and would have tons of story potential and far more people would recognize his name, than those who'd recognize Gadreel.

But nope...

5. I don't know, maybe I'm just not the right target for Castiel centric storylines, is it bad that I'm starting to be glad that in s6 they at least didn't bother to show us too much of the fight in heaven, because I'm starting to think that it would have been just like this season, one big fight after another, with no real stakes in the story for any of it.

When it comes to the fight over hell, we know both Abbaddon and Crowley. We know both sides, what they stand for, what the consequences of either side winning would be..

We have no such thing in regards to the fights between the angel factions, and it's that more than anything that brought this ep down for me.

Back when they brought in the angels in s4, Sam and Dean were central to the storyline, the Winchesters were a part of the story, the focus point of it. This season though, they're superfluous to the storyline. Sam's nothing more than one of the many vessels and Dean... is just a sucker who accidentally handed over his brother to be used...

Is it any wonder that I've preferred the motw eps lately? At least those still focus on the Winchesters.


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