Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dear Yuletide

Hi there,

I figured I'd write a letter to tell more about my interests in the fandoms and characters I requested for Yuletide.

In general, and with a rare few exceptions, I'm more interested in family connections, action/plot/character oriented stories over romance and or shipping.

I requested six fandoms.

- The Almighty Johnsons
- Scarlet Spider
- In the flesh
- Warm Bodies
- Spider-Girl
- Teen Wolf RPS

* Almighty Johnsons: My favorite character is Axl, I have to say I was utterly surprised not to find him an option amongst the characters, along with Mike, another favorite of mine. Ty is my third favorite though. (apparantly that was a glitch in the system, I've now selected Axl and Mike as my requested characters, I just adore Axl)

In short, I'd love anything to do with the four brothers, (though I'm not into seeing Anders as a woobie). That and how the family deals with the events of the s3 season finale. Are they really fully human now, or are there remnants of their time as gods.

* As for Scarlet Spider, I love Kaine as he's portrayed in this series. He's dark, especially compared to Peter, but he's trying to be better, even when he doesn't realize it. I love that he's building friendships and that his friends know he's the 'Scarlet Spider' and are slowly figuring out more about him. I would love anything to do with them figuring out more about his past and his connection to Spider-Man.

* In the Flesh, best new series of the year, with unfortunately not nearly enough fic written about it. Sweet Rick/Kieren would be ok, but I'm much more interested in seeing Kieren deal with the world now that he's back home. How do people react to him, what's it like for him to be dead, how does he fit in into his town and what hopes and plans does he find to build a future. (aus where Rick didn't die would be more than welcome)

How does society deal with the risen, what's it like to regain your child after losing them. How does Rick's mother deal with losing him again. Does she ever talk to Kieren's mother, did she know about their sons connection?

How does the Walker family recover, can PDS sufferers get jobs, what were the PDS centers like, what was it like for people when they started to realize they really had a cure, and how did they feel about the PDS sufferers they killed before the cure...

* Warm Bodies, awesome movie, but what happens after. How does society come to accept the former zombies, and are the cured really human now? How does the world adjust to the cure, and how do the people of the stadium spread the news. What does the general think of his daughter's new boyfriend, how does Julie deal further with Perry's death, how do they get the news out about the cure to the rest of the world, are there still other people to be saved... there's just so many questions still to be answered.

* Spider-Girl, one of my fave au future comics published by Marvel. I love almost any character in this comic, but especially May Parker. The Parker family is one of my fave families and I'd love to see anything that deals with them.

* And last but not least, Teen Wolf RPS, a fandom that surprised me by actually being eligible, but ah well...

My favorite on Teen Wolf is Scott as played by Tyler Posey. I love the chemistry between both Tylers, they make me notice any time the both of them are onscreen together and I love their camaraderie on and offscreen.

Tyler Posey is love and I need to see more fics based on him. I'm not a fan of Stiles, but I have nothing against Dylan, I just far prefer Tyler.

I love au's, based on reality, anything, long as Tyler Posey's the main character.

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