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Fic: Proper Omegas don't drive cars

Title: Proper Omegas don’t drive cars
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings:Dean Winchester/Victor Henriksen, Dean Winchester/Gordon Walker(non-con), Dean/omcs(dub-con), Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Word Count:34.353
Spoilers:none, except maybe some character names up to s8
Warnings:suicidal thoughts, dub-con, non-con, a/b/o, Stockholm syndrome, manipulation, brainwashing, non-graphic mentions of underage
Summary: In a world where Omegas are treated as perpetual children, with only few more rights than pets, Dean spent most of his life hiding that he was an Omega. When his true gender is discovered in the worst possible way, Dean is sent in the guardianship of his younger brother Sam. Omegas after all, can’t look after themselves.
Author's Note:This is the first part of a series. I totally appreciate my betas smidgeon and quill_lumos for putting up with me. And my artist lylithj2 , who did a wonderful job.

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Art Master Post:

Tags: alpha/beta/omega, big bang, dean winchester, fanfic, supernatural

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