Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Belgian transexual elects to die after botched sex change operation

Let me start by flat out stating that I have issues with euthanasia.

I get it in cases of a incurable physical illness that's already fatal and where keeping the person alive will only extend their suffering, utterly and completely destroying any quality of life they might have in the meanwhile.

I even get it in cases like Alzheimer where the person suffering from it, know that there is no hope for improvement, and that their symptoms will only get worse.

Where I have the problem though, is in cases of mental suffering. Because far too often it feels to me like people are just giving up on the person who's suffering, because it's easier. Because trying to support someone in pain doesn't have a quick fix.

I'm Belgian, this week we've had quite a few news reports in regards to a  trans man who asked for euthanasia after his sex change operation failed.


Now I'm not saying this man didn't endure immeasurable suffering, everything I hear about the poor guy's life, every bit of interview I've read with the man's 'mother' (by a very light definition of that word), tells me that a huge part of his life was pain, that he felt he had no way out.

But the thing is, this man was only 44. Yes, his operation failed, but what is to say that there's no chance of him finding happiness, finding love.

His mother made him feel like a monster since he was a baby, she treated him horrendously. Even now, after he's died, she still has no regret, no guilt, no shame for her actions. In fact, she just sees it as ending a chapter in her life.

He had five friends stand by his side when his life was ended. And it was kind of them to be there for him. But somehow I think it would have been better if they'd been able to help him find a new joy in life.

Because the only 'winner' in this is the monster that gave birth to him. Who has finally succeeded in bullying her child into death.


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