Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Scerek crossover with Supernatural

Also in regards to fanfic writing...

I've just started planning to write a Supernatural/Teen Wolf crossover that's Destiel and Scerek.
It also has Scott as Dean's son, and Dean using Derek to try and lure Scott in.

The more I watch Teen Wolf, the more I like the Scerek pairing, there's just so much subtext for it in the actual series.

Now we're just trying to think of whether or not Stiles should be in the fic aside of a few Skype phonecalls. Story'd be set while Scott's in college, and my co-writer and I were both thinking that Sheriff Stilinski would probably be willing to do a lot to get Stiles out of Beacon Hills and get him to safety. So we got Isaac and Scott as roommates, because neither really have much funds, even with a scholarship, Allison off somewhere to Harvard or something like that. Lydia on a full out scholarship on an Ivy league college and so on.

Either way, basic plotting is underway, now to actually start writing it.

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