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AO3 meme - Me myself and I
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AO3 meme
Basically my ten most read fics based on hit count....

2.Eat it Twilight Hits:7200
3.The Pet Whisperer Hits:6746
4.Beautiful Hits:4789
5.Survival of the species Hits:4549
6.Bloodstained feathersHits: 2370
7.The Dog that Belonged to Himself Hits:2065
8.Robbed Hits:1601
9.See Spot run Hits:1331
10.Ten Day Countdown Hits:1313
11.Tempering the Blades Hits:1271

These are the ten most read stories on my liliaeth account, but if I add my secondary lilanon account, which as of now only has one fic, then well...


1.The farmer and his cows Hits: 12186 (over 18 chapters but still...)
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