Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I really wish I could get more invested in Teen Wolf fandom. it's a great show, there's loads of awesome characters. Scott is awesome to put it mildly, and I love him and Allison.

Lydia could be the new Spike where I'm concerned and I definitely don't mind some Scott/Isaac or Scott/Derek. Even if I think that Derek urgently needs some character development that isn't just angst.

And yet whenever I step into fandom, all of it is about one of the characters I care the least about, aka Stiles. Honestly, the more I look at the TW archive on AO3, the more I dislike Stiles. Especially since over half the Sterek fics on there are actually Scott with Stiles name. It's kinda hard to keep reading when every single time you get in a fic, it keeps screaming, this fic would be so much better if they stopped calling him Stiles, because Stiles wouldn't act that way.

Look, Stiles isn't a monster, he's not a bad guy, but he's an annoying little shithead. He's not the hero and I get pissed off when people try and make him the oh so special little spark, because that isn't Stiles.
It's about as annoying as all the Xander Stue fics in Buffy fandom.

Might also be because I just don't find Dylan O'Brien all that attractive. He's average looking, and I'm just not emotionally invested in Stiles in the slightest, so if your fic is all about poor woobie Stiles, you'll instantly lose my interest.

It gets esp. annoying when my usual gateway to fics, aka crossovers, is completely blocked with Stiles crossovers that don't interest me one bit. I don't want to read about Stiles, it's that simple.
I want to read fics where Scott meets the Winchesters. I want Scott to end up with the Doctor, I want to read about Scott dealing with cops/feds/whatever.

I want to see Scott dealing with a post zombie wasteland with the people from the Walking Dead.

I want to see more Scott, pure and simple, yet half the time, at most he's a supporting character to Stiles, and honestly, Stiles just isn't all that interesting.

And don't even get me started on Sterek, because that pairing makes no sense whatsoever.

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