Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic: The man that didn't belong

Trying to get into writing Teen Wolf, so I figured I'd just give it a try. :-)

Title: The man that didn’t belong
Fandom:Teen Wolf
Characters: Melissa McCall, Scott McCall, Agent McCall
Summary: short drabble dealing with Melissa’s reaction to seeing her ex
Notes: spoiler for s3, esp. the mid season finale

Melissa didn’t dare say a word. She didn’t want to be one of those mothers who turn their children against the other parent after a divorce. No matter how much the bastard deserved it. But seeing her son slam the door in her ex husbands face…

She really didn’t want the man in her house, he didn’t belong here, not after all that had happened. To be honest, he’d never really belonged. Work had always been more important to him than her and Scott had been. When he finally left for real, it had been no surprise that all he took with him was two suitcases and a box, one of them had been hers, the one time he’d taken her and Scott with him for a summer vacation. He’d left both of them halfway through, stuck in some motel on the way to Disney land, two days later he’d finally called her back, telling her to head on without him.

She’d wanted to go home instead, but Scott had had so much fun in the pool near the motel, that they’d stayed two days longer before heading home. Seems like seeing Stiles again had made up for that messed up vacation all too quick.

It wasn’t for her sake that she hated the man. She’d been used to his crap. But Scott, he shouldn’t have had to.

When he entered her living room, wringing his hands, glaring at her. She didn’t even offer him anything to drink. He left shortly after.
Tags: drabble, teen wolf

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