Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I never ever thought I'd ask this. Mostly cause I have issues with the incest part of wincest, but...

Please, pretty please, for all that's holy, go vote for Wincest, we can not under any condition allow Sterek to win, not again.

Much as it squicks me, wincest at least has canon grounds, canon subtext. Sam genuinely is the most important person in Dean's life, always will be. There is history, meaning, hugs... their love is real, even if it's brotherly rather than romantic.

Sterek on the other hand has nothing, zero subtext, zero backing in canon. Two characters who can't stand one another, and don't even hate one another enough for it to be called an obsession, a la Draco/Harry. There's just nothing there, and most of their fics are so ooc that I keep wondering if half of them are written by people who've never bothered to watch the actual show.

Please, for Dean's sake...

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