Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Teen Wolf rewatch: 101 Wolf Moon

I’m doing a Teen Wolf rewatch.

Started with s1ep1 Wolf Moon

Tyler Posey is amazing, his quiet little nerdishness won my heart from his first scene. The way he plays Scott from a sweet young boy who just wants to play lacrosse despite his physical limitations, to having him deal with his wolf instincts.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I'm always surprised when I go into TW fanfic that there aren't more fics dealing with Scott's childhood as a severe asthmatic, or you know, any of the issues involving Scott. But then I've never understood other people's obsession with Stiles who to me is just... ok, but nothing all that special.

I love the instant chemistry Scott has with everyone, from Stiles, to Allison, to Melissa McCall. There’s a nice antagonism with Jackson whom I hated on first sight, and still can’t stand :-)

(I guess it’s a sign of the actor’s skill that Jackson is so utterly unlikeable from the get go)

Derek starts out creepy and never seems to slip in any other state.

Then there’s the scene where Chris Argent and the other hunters are first introduced, which is suitably scary and confusing, putting us in Scott’s mind. Especially when we see him again, later in the ep. The way Tyler's face goes from adorably happy to shocked when he realizes that the hunter that shot at him the night before is Allison's father.

And of course the cute scene with Melissa McCall. It really feels, right from the start, like these two are family, there's this connection from the get go and it makes any scene between them instant awesome.

In short, I love this introduction into the Teen Wolf universe, and really, looking back at that first ep, it’s no wonder that Scott distrusts Derek as much as he does.

Derek doesn’t even seem to try and put himself in Scott’s shoes, never seems to even try and understand why Scott might be upset about being turned into a werewolf. Probably because he was born as one, so he doesn’t get that a sudden change like that could be terrifying for Scott. Especially in regards to the instincts messing with his hormones playing up in regards to Allison.

Also, Derek never even tries to explain that he wasn’t the one who bit Scott. It isn’t until later on that we, and Scott find out the truth, but by then the distrust is already set in place.

I do have to say that looking at this ep, the pairings I’d go with are Scott/Allison, Scott/Derek and Scott/Stiles. But then I’ll always be a Scott girl where Teen Wolf is concerned :-)

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