Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I think I'm starting to have a problem in both Supernatural's RPS as well as the FPS fandom.

Lately I've started to notice more and more people writing Jared, or even worse, Sam, as the bottom in the pairing. (at least with Jared there's no canon personality to do away with, but Sam is so obviously a top in canon that putting him as the bottom in any pairing pulls me right out of the story) That along with the rise of Misha/Castiel centric kink fic. I don't like it, and not just for aesthetic reasons.

I know it's nobody elses problem but mine, but I'm just not as emotionally attached to Jared, Sam, Misha or Castiel as I am to Dean and Jensen. And I really dislike reading Jensen or Dean written as the top. It just doesn't suit either character, at all(Dean is just so deliciously submissive in most of his interactions with women and he looks so pretty when dominated, that having him on top just takes something away from his potential). Well that and I tend to emotionally invest in the bottom in the pairing. So if you put a character I'm not as invested in, as the bottom of the pairing, I just won't connect as strongly to your fic as I would to one with Jensen or Dean as the bottom.

It's annoying really, when fandom seems to be moving in a direction that holds little to no interest to me, and I wish there was a way to get more people back into writing Dean or Jensen as the bottom *pouts*

Also added on to this...

If you want me to start liking Sam again after s8, then the answer isn't Dean finding out just how bad Sam really had it while Dean was in Purgatory, cause right now, I find it hard enough to have sympathy with Sam, without the writer having Dean needing to start feeling sorry for his brother.

What I need to read is Sam realizing just how bad things were for his brother in Purgatory, him to start feeling sorry for what he did to his brother and maybe possibly, him starting to show some remorse over his attitude towards his brother.

I find it hard enough to keep liking Sam, and the very last thing I need is someone going on the woe poor Sam path, cause right now, I just don't fucking care.

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