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I’m having a hard time to keep liking Sam, and that’s a hard thing to say about a character you used to love.

I’ve been struggling with this for all of s8, the way he abandoned Dean to Purgatory, and then his attitude all year. Self righteous, selfish, acting pissed off whenever Dean called him out on it. And basically threatening Dean into silence by pretending he’d just leave him again if Dean wasn’t suitably chastised enough.

[feels about s8 Sam]I’ll freely admit I’m a Dean girl, I tried connecting to Sam from the start, but somehow, it just never worked. I mean, I may be a nerd, but that doesn’t mean that characters like Chloe (Smallville), Stiles (Teen Wolf) or Willow (btvs) have to appeal to me. Quite the contrary.

In reality, Dean’s more of a nerd than Sam is, Sam’s just more open about the book stuff, whereas Dean is the geek who’s hiding his love for all things nerdy*g*.

Sam might have the long hair, but Dean is the one more involved with stereotypical girly things, no matter how much he likes to put on the facade of being all ‘manly’. I think it’s his similarity to Spike that made me fall for the character.

And yet despite that, for seven seasons, I was only a step away from being bi bro. Dean might have been my fave, but Sam was right there on second place. (yes a girl can love both brothers and not be into wincest)

It’s just that this season, season eight, he just didn’t feel like Sam to me. It’s like he no longer cared about Dean. And the more the show tried to tell me how great Sam was, the more I started to dislike him. (the same kinda happened to me with Angel on his own show. the more you tell me how great a character is, the lower my tolerance of them tends to get, especially when those claims of their greatness and their actions onscreen don’t match up. )

I know they started trying to make Sam more likable again in the second half of s8, but somehow it felt too little too late. Especially since he still never apologized for his attitude at the start of the season. Whereas Dean was made to apologize to him over and over and over.

And what annoyed me most is that that attitude, the way he behaved matched the way Sam is often described by Sam bashers and I hate to see people like that proven right in any way whatsoever. Because that selfish, immature, manipulative little boy that the show gave us this season is NOT the Sam I came to love in the first seven years of the show.

Thanks to that, Sam has dropped down on my favorite SPN characters list. And that should never have happened.

Sam used to be on number two, but he’s fallen so low that right now it reads:

Victor Henriksen

See the problem here? Sam should never be that low, but unless they give him a major attitude adjustment in s9, I’m terrified it’s going to stay that way. And I really really don’t want that.

I want to love Sam, even just for Dean’s sake. Just like I wanted to love Dawn on BTVS for Spike and Buffy’s sake.Just like I love the Impala because Dean loves her.

And I can’t even find fanfic to help me bring back my love for Sam, because most Sam fans have only been writing ‘oh Sam really was suffering and it wasn’t his fault’ fic, instead of ‘Sam realizes what he did wrong and makes up for it’ fics that I need to read to get over these feelings…
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