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I’m having a hard time to keep liking Sam, and that’s a hard thing to… - Me myself and I
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I’m having a hard time to keep liking Sam, and that’s a hard thing to say about a character you used to love.

I’ve been struggling with this for all of s8, the way he abandoned Dean to Purgatory, and then his attitude all year. Self righteous, selfish, acting pissed off whenever Dean called him out on it. And basically threatening Dean into silence by pretending he’d just leave him again if Dean wasn’t suitably chastised enough.

[feels about s8 Sam]I’ll freely admit I’m a Dean girl, I tried connecting to Sam from the start, but somehow, it just never worked. I mean, I may be a nerd, but that doesn’t mean that characters like Chloe (Smallville), Stiles (Teen Wolf) or Willow (btvs) have to appeal to me. Quite the contrary.

In reality, Dean’s more of a nerd than Sam is, Sam’s just more open about the book stuff, whereas Dean is the geek who’s hiding his love for all things nerdy*g*.

Sam might have the long hair, but Dean is the one more involved with stereotypical girly things, no matter how much he likes to put on the facade of being all ‘manly’. I think it’s his similarity to Spike that made me fall for the character.

And yet despite that, for seven seasons, I was only a step away from being bi bro. Dean might have been my fave, but Sam was right there on second place. (yes a girl can love both brothers and not be into wincest)

It’s just that this season, season eight, he just didn’t feel like Sam to me. It’s like he no longer cared about Dean. And the more the show tried to tell me how great Sam was, the more I started to dislike him. (the same kinda happened to me with Angel on his own show. the more you tell me how great a character is, the lower my tolerance of them tends to get, especially when those claims of their greatness and their actions onscreen don’t match up. )

I know they started trying to make Sam more likable again in the second half of s8, but somehow it felt too little too late. Especially since he still never apologized for his attitude at the start of the season. Whereas Dean was made to apologize to him over and over and over.

And what annoyed me most is that that attitude, the way he behaved matched the way Sam is often described by Sam bashers and I hate to see people like that proven right in any way whatsoever. Because that selfish, immature, manipulative little boy that the show gave us this season is NOT the Sam I came to love in the first seven years of the show.

Thanks to that, Sam has dropped down on my favorite SPN characters list. And that should never have happened.

Sam used to be on number two, but he’s fallen so low that right now it reads:

Victor Henriksen

See the problem here? Sam should never be that low, but unless they give him a major attitude adjustment in s9, I’m terrified it’s going to stay that way. And I really really don’t want that.

I want to love Sam, even just for Dean’s sake. Just like I wanted to love Dawn on BTVS for Spike and Buffy’s sake.Just like I love the Impala because Dean loves her.

And I can’t even find fanfic to help me bring back my love for Sam, because most Sam fans have only been writing ‘oh Sam really was suffering and it wasn’t his fault’ fic, instead of ‘Sam realizes what he did wrong and makes up for it’ fics that I need to read to get over these feelings…

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aubade_saudade From: aubade_saudade Date: May 18th, 2013 10:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow. Ok. Not even the finale? Hmm.
darklingdawns From: darklingdawns Date: May 18th, 2013 10:21 am (UTC) (Link)
I definitely feel you on the whole 'Sam not being Sam' thing - it's a big part of why I quit watching Supernatural this year. And that broke my heart. I've never given up on a show while it was still on before, but then I've never had such a deep divide between the character in my head and the one on the screen before, either. The closest I came was the infamous bathroom scene in 'Seeing Red' and only his immediate horror and action convinced me to keep going with Spike.

But Sam... I love Sam, and seeing him desert Dean and go blithely off to a normal life, all the while acting like Jess and Stanford and the last 7 years never existed... that wasn't my Sam. I don't think it was anyone's Sam, and certainly not Dean's. By the same token, that wasn't my Dean up there, either. It was the loss of both boys that proved to be the final straw for me, and I hear you on the fanfic front, too.

I really think the show should've just ended at Season 5, with Dean saying yes and brotherly love winning out and BOTH of them going into the cage together. Everything since has been just one let down after another, one hint at possibly great storylines that fell incredibly flat after another, until a lot of us couldn't take it anymore. Hopefully you see the Sam you liked come back, or else at least find a way to rediscover your bi-broship in your head.
counteragent From: counteragent Date: May 18th, 2013 10:26 am (UTC) (Link)
Honey, I am a raging freaking Sam girl, and I agree with you: he's acted like a Sam-bashing parody of himself all season except for a few rare glimpses. It pisses me off (at the writers!).
ficwriter1966 From: ficwriter1966 Date: May 18th, 2013 10:34 am (UTC) (Link)
I've been surfing around the fandom since Wednesday night, reading people's comments on the finale and on the show in general - and I can't wrap myself around the whole "Oh, that brothers conversation was OMG!I can't EVEN!!!!!" Like it was everything that needed to be said, and it was just gold-plated PERFECT.

But you know what? It struck me all wrong. Sam went into the booth and confessed that his worst sin was "letting Dean down"? Because all of a sudden, after 7 seasons of his being an entitled douche, what he's really wanted above everything else was for Dean to be proud of him?

Now, yes... I *can* buy that Sam has always wanted Dean to be proud of him. The Sam that lives in my head definitely feels that way. But that's not what the show has been giving us, other than sporadically. And I do buy that Sam has emotional justification for feeling that Life Is All About Sam, because during his formative years, his father and brother made it plain that yes indeed, Life Was All About Sam. That's realistic, and I can buy it. I don't *like* it, but I can buy it. But that means that when the writers hand me a speech like that weepy thing in 8.23, all I can think is, "Oh? Where did that come from, exactly?" It didn't make me adore Sam. It didn't make me believe the brothers were coming closer to settling all their differences. It felt contrived.

So yeah, I hear you.
queeberquabbler From: queeberquabbler Date: May 18th, 2013 04:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, I was going to post my agreement with the original post, and then YOU posted this great reply that said everything I wanted to say! Big word to BOTH of you. I wish I couldve been that coherant in my own post about the ep!
serendip50 From: serendip50 Date: May 18th, 2013 11:53 am (UTC) (Link)
If there was a 'like' button...then I'd use it for your rant...:). That being said I only have heresay to go by as I have not watched the show since Season 7.
I don't like how they 'side-line' Dean (from what I read) and I detest that it's always about Sam...what he has to do, what he wants or doesn't blah, blah. Kripke created TWO brothers not one. Yes, Sam may have been the original lead but that changed pretty much as soon as Jensen made such a big impact with his Dean characterisation. With Sam the writers have had to develop his character, pretty much. However, he should have been allowed to grown up and become more independent (of his brother)...I don't think Dean's job is to constantly take care of Sam (afterall he's not a parent!). Sam is a grown man and big and bad enough to take care of himself and Dean for that matter! I don't see that role as Dean's any more, or it shouldn't be. Dean should have more purpose, though still always consistent with the brotherly love as with any sibling relationship....afterall it's not unique.

Lastly, Dean needs some proper loving and taking care of too....

Ooops, forgot. Season 5 should have seen the end of Supernatural.
impala1967 From: impala1967 Date: May 18th, 2013 04:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
I also want to like Sam more and that speech would have helped if he hadn't come off looking like a little jealous boy. For 8 years Dean has done nothing but try and do all he can to keep Sam safe and all that Sam can see is Dean's friendship with Cas and Benny taking his place in Dean's world.

I really do wish that the writers would let Sam grow up into a mature adult who can finally put Dean ahead of himself. Be there for Dean when he needs it and to make space in Dean's world for other people.
lit_gal From: lit_gal Date: May 18th, 2013 10:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've stopped my two SPN fanfics because I really can't even deal with Sam right now, and if I wrote them, I would use them as an excuse to kill Sam off. Now, that's not so say I wouldn't kill Sam anyway for the whole karmic balance of it, but right now, it would be premeditated fictional homicide out of sheer annoyance.
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