Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Why I seem to be a bad fan...

There's times I think that I'm a bad fan.

I don't like Ten, I loved Eight, Nine and Eleven, and I like what little I've seen of the previous Doctors. But I don't like Ten. And though I like Rose, loved her with Nine, but I really didn't like her with Ten...

I loved Torchwood, but Ianto bored the hell out of me.

I love Teen Wolf, but I can't stand Sterek. Stiles bores me, I hate Jackson, and I really wish there was more fanfic focusing on Scott whom I love.

I hated Firefly, tried to watch Sherlock, but I by far prefer Elementary..

I don't think that Supernatural is sexist.

I'm a big Grimm fan, but I only like Renard when he isn't being mister mysterious and is just the helpful decent police captain persona. Even if it isn't entirely his full personality.

The Ghostfacers on Supernatural annoy me ever single second they're on screen. I hate 'relatable' losers.

Dan Slott sucks and has no clue how to write Spider-Man.

I also by far prefer the original three Spider-Man movies, even if they did have their flaws, over the new one with Gwen 'i'm so boring they had to kill me to make me interesting' Stacy.

I can't stand Loki. I think he's an annoying brat who has no ground to stand on. And no, finding out you're adopted is no excuse for trying to kill millions of people.At least Thor learned from his mistakes, Loki just decided to make bigger ones.

I love Captain America, and I'm not even American. I just love good decent people being true heroes. And no, characters like that don't have to be boring, not if they're written right.

I far prefer sci fi on earth, over sci fi in alien environments, it's an odd thing I have.

I don't hate Castiel, I think he goes well enough with Dean, but I'm not in love with the character and I could do without him if I have to. I actually like Dean/Benny much better and think that Benny is a more interesting and more likable character. Plus he has more chemistry with Dean in their first scene together, than Dean and Cas had in all the seasons that Castiel has been on the show.

I don't care about Castiel's feelings, I just don't.

Season eight of SPN is at high risk of making me lose all interest in Sam. And the more I see fics trying to tell me Sam really was this big hero, or that try and go all 'Sam did bring Dean back', the less I like him. Because they all ignore the reality that Sam didn't look for Dean and acted annoyed that Dean was back.And yes, Dean did have every right to be pissed off about this.

I can't stand Willow on BtVS. She's annoying, cutesy and passive aggressive.

I prefer Duncan MacLeod over Methos, so sue me...

I hate that so many people take Dumbledore's statement over Harry being the Master of Death literal. It's ruined 90% of SPN/Harry Potter crossovers for me.

I want Dexter to end with Dexter getting arrested, preferably after Deb turns him in.And I'd be even happier if the Miami PD finds out the truth about him midway through the last season, so we get at least a few episodes with people reacting to finding out he's a serial killer. With the series ending with him as the final antagonist that needs to be taken down.

I'm not a Glee fan, the music's cool enough, but I have no interest in the characters

I also don't like how much Avengers fandom is into Coulson. It's not even that I hate the guy, it's just that I barely even noticed him, yet fandom seems to focus on him over loads of far more interesting characters.

I also wish that they'd used Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel aka Captain Marvel for the part that was given to Coulson. At least then Avengers would have been less of a sausage fest.

So I'm guessing, looking at my previous experiences in fandom, people are probably going to love Defiance, there will be loads of fanfic and fanart about it and no matter how much I'll try to ignore it, half my friendlist on lj will start squeeing about it and I'll be sitting by the side wondering how they even got through the first episode...

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