Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

In the Flesh

My heart is broken. So so utterly broken.

That was a perfect ending to a nigh perfect three parter and I cannot accept that this is the end. There has to be a second series, there just has to be.

The actor playing Kieren, the main character was just pitch perfect, subtle, caring. The guy makes you care about an undead zombie.

The way this dealt with diverse issues, persecution, the treatment of the mentally ill, or the sick, the way it dealt with homophobia, both the external kind as well as the internalized variety. And most of all, it's dealing with suicide was just amazing.

When Kieren tells his father to just let him have it, getting him to talk about how he felt finding his son's dead body, how it deals with the fact that people don't just get over a loved one killing themselves. The impact it leaves behind, but also why someone might do it in the first place.

I just don't want it to end, it just can't end like this. Poor Rick as he finally dared to stand up to his father, dared to stand up for Kieren and his father just...
My heart broke for all of them.

Amy: "you're such an optimist."
Kieren: "I killed myself"
Amy: "You're an optimist with depressive tendencies."

And the fact that Jem was there when Kieren killed that girl, she saw her brother eating her friend's brain and she just couldn't... she couldn't kill him, not her own brother. And she felt so guilty over it.

I just need to know what happens to Amy, need to know she's safe, that she didn't just throw herself in trouble. Need to... This just can't end here.


Rick+Kieren 4ever, on the wall, in the cave.

Please go watch this, and if you're British, please be as kind as to sign this petition

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