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In the Flesh

Why isn't anyone on my friendslist talking about 'In the Flesh'.

This show is one the best things to come to television in the past few years, yet I had to go to Tumblr of all places to find people who are excited about it. I don't like Tumblr, please come talk about this amazing show with me, pretty please?

Just to give some of you an incentive...

[Spoiler (click to open)]

The look on Kieren's life when he realizes the love of his life is back.


And the face of said love when they see Kieren.


And in case anyone is wondering about how much of this is canon...

Dominic Mitchell, the writer and creator of the show, when asked about Kieren and Rick

Kieren has a close friendship with Amy (introduced in episode two) and an almost romantic one with his friend Rick. Was that ambiguity intentional?

That was totally intentional. He’s not gay but he’s not straight. He’s more in love with the person than the gender. Rick is very uncomfortable with his relationship with Kieren. I don’t think it got to the point of having sex but it was maybe going that way and he couldn’t handle it. What’s so great about horror and fantasy is that you can talk about gender politics and identity freely.

See here for the rest of the interview


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