Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Ever had one of those moments where you're looking at a crossover of two series you might be interested in, and then look at the characters and go"Why don't people write these crossovers with actually interesting characters, instead of the boring ones?"

I keep having that. I guess I got too spoiled with all the Methos crossovers in my HL days, these days the chars I like most in fandoms, rarely seem to catch the interest of crossover writers. SPN being a rare exception.

When I read Avengers crossovers, I don't want to read about Coulson, or Clint Barton, I want to see Steve Rogers, Thor, Black Widow... In BtvS crossovers, I want to see Spike, not Xander, in Teen Wolf crossovers, I'm looking for Scott, Stiles could drop dead for all I care. And I really totally really don't want to read Smallville crossovers with Chloe as the main character...

Guess I'm doomed, right?

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