Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Got hit by the back end of a truck today*grumble*

No worries, I'm fine, just scraped my knee a bit, and one of the lights at the back of my bike is broken, but otherwise fine. Guy driving it claimed he didn't see me, makes me wonder if he ever looks into his mirrors, you know the ones on the left side of the truck's cabin(?), and then he tried to go all, you should have been on the right...

When a road ends in a split up left and right side, then if you go to the left, you try and move to the left of your part of the road so it's easier to turn, esp. when it's slippery. You do not go to the utter right of the road *grumble* Idiot should learn to actually look into his mirrors, hell, I was almost right beside him,so if he can't see me that way, then he needs to rearrange his fucking mirrors*grumble*

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