Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Avengers and it's missed opportunity

Now don't get me wrong, I love the Avengers as much as anyone. But I still say that there is a huge lost opportunity in the verse.

I'm talking about Phil Coulson. They were already planning to focus on several male Avengers, so what do they do, they add another male character. yeah I know he's popular, don't really get why, but it happens. But wouldn't it have been so much cooler if instead of using Coulson over and over, that they could have used Carol Danvers? Make her an agent of SHIELD, former airforce, have her working with Stark. And instantly Iron Man gets an easy pass of the Bechdell test because you'd have Pepper talking to Carol. Then bring her back for Captain America, show her in Thor, Iron Man 2 and so on and you have a full build up for the character, each of which gains a canon female character who at that point still doesn't need to have any powers.

Then since the Chitauri are aliens, have her trapped in the tesseract or some other weapon of Loki's in the Avengers, so she appears to die like Coulson did in the movie, working as a imperative for the Avengers to unite. And then at the end of the first Avengers movie, you show a scene of Mar Vell looking after her as a perfect set up for a Captain Marvel movie, which at first sight would be about Mar Vell, only surprise surprise, it turns out to be about Carol who takes up the name Captain Marvel at the end of the movie, just in time to have her join the Avengers in the second Avengers movie...

But did we get that? No, instead we got Hawkeye, while we already had Black Widow and Captain America, and Coulson. And even though there were three women in the Avengers movie, they somehow still didn't manage to have even one scene where two of them talked, was that really so hard to achieve? With Carol instead of Coulson, we could have had Carol talking to Hill, or to Natasha, no problem whatsoever, and the number of women vs men would have improved.

But I guess the fans would rather see yet another guy, instead of a strong female character with tons of story potential and who should easily be able to carry a movie of her own. After all, it's not like Iron Man was that big a name before they gave him a movie of his own.

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