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Fic: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs (7/7) - Me myself and I
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Fic: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs (7/7)
Title: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs
Author: liliaeth
Artist: bumerbmw
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jared/Genevieve
Words: 12704
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 – AU,extreme underage, non-con, sentient bestiality (were on human), non-con turning, knotting, murder of children, death of a major character (though not one of the leads), mentions of m-preg
Summary: When a man created plague wipes out most Omegas on the planet, desperate Weres kidnap human children to turn them into their new Omegas. Turning humans though is not nearly as easy as legends would have you believe.


Jensen didn’t think he had any more tears left inside of him. He thought he’d cried them all for Josh, for seeing mom and dad, but when the motorhome stopped for the night and the group of them led him outside with them, he found he had a few more left to cry for himself.
They didn’t even pretend that what was going to happen was any less bad than it would be, He was undressed, a circle was drawn and he was locked on some kind of weird vaulting horse that was just soft enough for him not to bruise his legs as they were spread apart and his ass left open to the air.

He just lay there in the cold as Jared and Chad argued with a third guy about whether or not Jared should turn before fucking him. Repeat that, he had to listen to them fight on whether he was going to be raped by Jared the man, or Jared the wolf. Jensen didn't even know which of the two would be worse. It's not like he wanted either.

Chris won, arguing that conception would be more likely to happen from the wolf, since Jensen hadn't 'fully turned' yet. Jensen wanted to curl up in a corner, protect his ass and keep the Weres as far away from him as they could possibly be. If he hadn't been tied up, he probably would have made a run for it. No matter how naked he was, or how cold it was.

Jared knelt beside him before taking his own clothes of. Jensen couldn't see him, but he could feel the large man's fingers invading his crack, fingering his hole and gently opening him.

This time when Jared turned, Jensen wanted to scream, but someone had put something in his mouth, supposedly to bite on, it only made it worse. Even his voice was taken away from him.
He could feel the gigantic wolf’s claws on his back, before they planted themselves on the bench beside him, felt its dick against his ass and thought he was going to die when it started humping him. Rubbing in between his crack while it's tongue licked his neck.

Only unlike last time, it didn’t hurt so much when Jared finally entered him. It almost felt as if Jared sliding inside of him was the natural state and being filled like this was the right way of things. It’s what started him crying all over again. Something plopped inside of him, hooking him in place and he shivered.

“Please.” He whispered behind the bit in his mouth. But he wasn’t sure what he was begging for, for Jared to stop, or for him to go deeper, further. When the weight on his back decreased he felt a human hand on his back, pulling at his restraints, it was one of the others though who unleashed them and they both fell on the moss covering the dirt below them.

“Well that’s going to take a while.” He heard one of them say. “Anyone want a beer?”

Jensen wondered if they’d been like that the last time, if Josh's death had been as meaningless to their party, as his rape was now. He started shuddering up against Jared who tried to calm him down, brushing through his hair. “It’s ok, everything’ll be fine.”

Jensen stared down at his hands, noticing his fingers, they weren’t human anymore, sharp claws left a trail on the moss as the moved them over it. “Shhhh, it won’t be long now.”

But it was, dawn had almost fallen by the time Jared finally pulled out of him. One of the Weres gave Jared a blanket and Jensen allowed himself to be wrapped in it and pulled back into the motor home. He saw his reflection in a mirror as he ran into the shower. His ears had sharpened and there was something wrong with his eyes, they’d grown bright yellow.

He pushed the cold water on, but it didn’t help, he needed Jared. He needed Jared inside of him and he hated every second of it. He fell down on the floor of the shower, barely even noticing as the shower stopped running, the tank had to have run empty.

By the time Jared came to get him, he looked human again, his hands bloody.

He’d never be able to go home again.

For once Jared didn’t talk, he just wrapped up his hands and covered him once again in a blanket, before pulling him into the motor home’s master bedroom with him. Curling around Jensen, brushing through his hair until he fell asleep. Jensen remained fully awake.

He was exhausted, but he didn’t want to be comfortable, didn’t want to accept Jared’s protection, or kindness, doing so would be a betrayal of Josh and Jensen couldn’t bring himself to do that. He didn’t even know when he finally did fall asleep, all he knew was that when he woke up, Jared was gone and he was all alone in the bed, curled up on the spot of the bed that smelled like Jared.

He didn't think about the mirror.

It led him back into sleep.

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tipsy_kitty From: tipsy_kitty Date: September 14th, 2012 11:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
This is so upsetting and fascinating ...
scorp76 From: scorp76 Date: September 14th, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Gut wrenching... Amazingly written. I need to know what happens next!
Thanks for sharing
locknkey From: locknkey Date: September 15th, 2012 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Very disturbing and I really like that Jensen doesn't give in easily. That makes it seem much more realistic. Nicely done. Look forward to more. :)
ferrous_wheeler From: ferrous_wheeler Date: September 15th, 2012 01:22 am (UTC) (Link)
How horrible for Jensen! and Jared seems a tad delusional thinking he's going to somehow have a happy family with plenty of pups and Gen also by his side. No good can come of this, and I'm dying to find out what happens next! More please!! :)
cappy712 From: cappy712 Date: September 15th, 2012 01:28 am (UTC) (Link)
what a great story- the build up and the background. So sad that it ended. I wanted more, thank you for sharing.
melitta4ever From: melitta4ever Date: September 15th, 2012 09:54 am (UTC) (Link)
This is amazing... Can't wait for the rest.
nicky69 From: nicky69 Date: September 16th, 2012 01:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, that was very good.

I really liked the fact the Jensen did not immediately roll over and accept his new role in life.

I do so love the Alpha/Beta/Omega trope, but too ofter we see the victim, and yes, Jensen is most certainly the victim of a horrendous crime, just give in to their new biology and fall on love with their abuser with barely a backwards glance to their old life.Somehow that never rings true, even if this is a fantasy universe.

People are more than mere biology, they are synthesis of memory, life experience, hopes, dreams fears and loves and you can't take that away from them without a fight. Jensen's body may want one thing, but he's fighting to hold onto the life he see's as his own, even if he is scared and confused.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this verse develops, can't wait to read more.

Great job!

hannahbellejude From: hannahbellejude Date: September 30th, 2012 01:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Very interesting start. I especially liked the back story about the relationship between humans and weres and Jensen's struggle to keep his body from responding to Jared. Hope you continue this!
somer From: somer Date: October 4th, 2012 05:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
I LOVE YOUR STORIES!!! And this here is no exception. Poor Jensen, especially seeing his brother die.

But damn, the public claiming, jesus! Brutal and hot so evil!!

Loved it :)
bouyant_tomato From: bouyant_tomato Date: November 29th, 2012 05:55 am (UTC) (Link)
What happens next! Eager minds want to know!
10 hugs for Spike or Hug a Spike