Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs (6/?)

Title: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs
Author: liliaeth
Artist: bumerbmw
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jared/Genevieve
Words: 12704
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 – AU,extreme underage(Jensen is twelve), non-con, sentient bestiality (were on human), non-con turning, knotting, murder of children, death of a major character (though not one of the leads), mentions of m-preg
Summary: When a man created plague wipes out most Omegas on the planet, desperate Weres kidnap human children to turn them into their new Omegas. Turning humans though is not nearly as easy as legends would have you believe.


Jared hadn’t expected his mate to accept him. He’d known this was going to be hard on all of them. He’d known all this, so why did Jensen practically running away from him hurt so much? It didn’t help that Chad was treating it all as a big joke, just to keep from having to think about the fact that eight hours from now, night would fall, and Jared would have to mate Jensen all over again. And again the night after that, until they were sure that the boy had conceived and his turning was permanent.

The very idea of it sickened him, even as the wolf part of him was metaphorically scraping it's paw on the floor waiting impatiently for night time to be upon them already. All Jared wanted to do was hug the boy, comfort him, but he couldn’t, because right now, his presence wasn’t comforting to the child. If Jensen’s brother had survived, then orders be damned, he’d have made sure they were transported together. They could have comforted one another, but now, the memory of the older boy was nothing more than another barrier between Jared and his mate.

He turned on the television, watching a nature documentary on wolves of all things. Chad and Sandy started a game of cards and Sebastian and Julie had switched as drivers, with Julie settling herself down on the couch. Chris was finishing up dinner when they all saw movement coming from upstairs. They all froze as Jensen came down the stairs, Jared especially, he didn’t want to spook the boy and send him right back up.


The pup seemed embarrassed. “I need to go to the toilet.” He whispered as if he was scared that they wouldn't let him.

Jared couldn’t begin to say how relieved he was to hear the boy’s voice. He instantly got up and guided him to the toilet. The thing stank after the chemicals used to keep it clean. He knew that humans would barely notice it, but to his nose the smell was overpowering enough with the door closed, with the door open there was no way to even pretend he could ignore it.

Jensen glared at him before doing anything, and Jared figured he could give the kid at least that much privacy, and the rest of them some protection, so he closed the door. He stayed at the toilet, not surprised when not even half a minute later the door was opened again, even by only a few inches.

Another bit of proof that Jensen’s turning was coming along nicely.

Jensen left the bathroom cubicle, with its built in toilet, shower and medicine cabinets not even a few minutes later, almost right after slushing the toilet. He was wiping his hands on his shirt and Jared quickly threw him some paper napkins. With their noses, most of the Lycans onboard wouldn’t think of using other Lycans towels. The scent felt all wrong.

“Do you want to eat something?” He asked.

Jensen nodded and Jared quickly accepted a plate of pasta and sauce from Chris, handing it over to Jensen who sat down on the same bench he’d been on earlier. Jared sat down next to him, accepting his own plate. Neither of them spoke. Jensen didn’t move back up though, he stayed downstairs, even if he scooted away from Jared as soon as he had the chance, his attention focusing on the television, staring at the wolves onscreen.

Jared sat down on the other side of he motorhome, pretending he was reading the map, but really, his attention was fully locked on his mate. They barely even noticed when the news started up. They were still the main news, and probably would be for the next few weeks.

Jensen stood up, sat down again and grabbed a blanket that Mark had left there earlier. He froze when he heard his name, staring up at the screen. Jared wanted to turn it off, but he didn’t know who had the remote. He hadn’t bothered to check.

There was the usual conversation with the cops, about how they were following all possible leads. Which pretty much meant they were clueless. About interrogating the kids that were returned, which wouldn’t help them much. And then they stepped aside and showed an obviously broken couple. A man and a woman, the woman was holding a toddler girl to her chest. They looked as if they'd aged several decades since the last time Jared had seen them on the news

“Please, I beg you, whomever you are, just bring back our son.” Was all the woman could say before she turned her back to the press and as good as ran back into the police station. Her husband seemed barely able to hold it together on his own. The news of their eldest death had obviously torn them apart, he wondered what they thought had happened to Jensen.

Jensen was staring at them, moving closer to the screen, his hand touching the man’s pixilated face. “Daddy.”

Jared couldn’t stop himself and pulled the boy closer. They’d looked devastated, probably wondering if Jensen was dead as well and the police just hadn't found his body yet. God what had they done. He stared at Chris, noticing the calculating look on the man’s face and he didn’t even have to wonder what the man had to be thinking. If the Ackles had another child, she’d be another potential for the turning. Jared knew he should speak up against it, let those poor people keep their only remaining child, leave them some comfort, since if everything went right, there was no chance of them ever seeing Jensen again.

But he kept his mouth shut, knowing it made him a coward, and hating every second of it. He stared his mate's father in the eyes, trying to find the connection between the man on screen, and the little boy trembling in his arms. He wondered if one day, Jensen would have those same worry lines on his face, if Jensen had gotten his lips from his mother. If their children would have Jensen's eyes or his.

He grabbed a bowl of food and tried to make Jensen eat. The boy finally opened his mouth far enough, hunger overtaking his desire to refuse to have anything to do with his kidnappers.
Jared enjoyed the heat of the boy's body against his, letting the boy doze up against him, his fingers brushing through his mate's hair. His mind dreaming of a time when him, Gen and Jensen could share the couch back in the den, with Gen on his left and Jensen on his right. Jensen would be suckling their children on his teats and Gen's belly would be full of pups as well.


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