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Fic: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs (5/?)

Title: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs
Author: liliaeth
Artist: bumerbmw
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jared/Genevieve
Words: 12704
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 – AU,extreme underage(Jensen is twelve), non-con, sentient bestiality (were on human), non-con turning, knotting, murder of children, death of a major character (though not one of the leads), mentions of m-preg
Summary: When a man created plague wipes out most Omegas on the planet, desperate Weres kidnap human children to turn them into their new Omegas. Turning humans though is not nearly as easy as legends would have you believe.


So the guy was insane. Out of his mind, cuckoo, batshit crazy.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Jensen had to be stuck with a murdering raping child pedophile, and yes he did so know what that meant. Especially after the lecture they got from Ms Gamble after mister Benedict got fired when Tom and Mike’s parents had finally pressed charges against him. And Jensen wasn’t even going to try and think of what the right term was for a werewolf who decided to rape a human while in his wolf form, because that way lay a madness that he didn’t even want to think about, let out remember.

As for talk about pups? Seriously, what the hell did he have to do with dogs and what was he even talking about going to school with dogs? He just hoped that the man realized there was no way Jensen would ever win him any prizes at obedience school.

Unless the guy wanted to make him his dogsitter, and then Jensen could explain him quite plainly why that was a really bad idea and he had Mrs Singer from downstreet’s testimony on that one. Even if it hadn’t been his fault that he forgot to go walk her dog until after it was too late to ask his mom if he could go across the street. And when he finally dared to say something about it, mom had had to send Josh over in his stead, and the dog had already done its business all over Mrs Singer’s really really expensive carpet.

It wasn’t even that he’d meant to forget the dog, even though Mrs Singer had glared at him ever since and had forbidden him from ever coming near her precious Fifi ever again. Not that he cared, he hadn’t wanted the job in the first place. Fifi, or the monster from hell was mean, and he’d bitten Jensen more than once and he was never nice not even once. But his mom had volunteered him anyway, not that she’d ever done that again afterwards, but you know, side bonus…

By the time his internal babbling finally quieted down, he noticed that Jared was still talking, going on about the Pack and the Pack territory and how great everything was going to be, and Jensen realized he didn’t even mind missing most of it. Because he damn well didn’t want to go to the Pack or their territory or their school or… He wanted to go home. To his mom, and he wanted Josh, and Josh was gone, and it was all because of them, because of what Jared had done. He didn’t even realize he’d started hitting Jared, until the man kindly grabbed hold of his arms and made him stop.

“You’re one hell of a fighter, little one. That’s good, a good omega would do anything to protect their pups.”

“A what?” Jensen couldn’t help the question. The term sounded weird, like a letter from the Greek alphabet, but he couldn’t understand what it had to do with looking after puppies.
“An Omega. I guess no one’s… Of course they didn’t.” Jared sighed, sitting down on the sheets, bent over due to the lack of height. “Come on, let’s go downstairs.” And he actually bumped his head as he moved. “so I can explain this without ruining my back.”

If Jensen could only be so lucky, who knows if the Were broke his back, he might leave Jensen alone.

Jared crawled up to the side and didn’t even bother to use the stairs, jumping down from the top. Jensen hesitated a moment, but followed. Feeling the other Weres eyes on his back the entire way down.

One of the Weres got up, making space on the left side bench, allowing Jared to sit down on the other side. The first thing Jensen noticed was that the motor home had fake wooden panels on the floor, they felt cold against his naked feet and he pulled his legs up tight to his chest, leaning his head on his knees.

“Jensen, how much do you know about Lycanthropes?”

Jensen stared at the guy not understanding.

“Werewolves, Jensen. Lycanthropes is what we call ourselves.”

Oh, ok, Jensen figured he’d just nod and try not to contradict the guy if they wanted to call themselves something weird, instead of the far simpler ‘were’, their choice, right?

“You change into wolves?” Jensen tried. “And… you don’t talk much to people.”
Jensen heard a chuckle coming from one of the other Weres, sorry, Lycanthropes in the room.
“And some stuff from movies.” Jensen quickly added. “But I watched a documentary and it said that most of that stuff was crap and that we shouldn’t believe it and…” Hoping that they weren’t pissed off, more pissed off with him now.”

“Kripke’s wildlife of the Supernatural?” Jensen nodded at Jared’s response.”That’s good, that should give you some basis.”

Jensen dared to look up and noticed that Jared wasn’t growling and that his eyes were brown, he seemed like some college guy, sitting there, instead of the crazy madman that Jensen knew he was.

“The first thing you need to know about Lycanthropes or Lycans, as the general term is, is that we’re not human. We never were human, and in ‘general’ rule you can’t turn a human into one of us.”
Jensen felt cold shivers cross his spine at the emphasis put on the word ‘general’

“There are many theories of our origin. Some say we descend from wolves who learned to walk on two paws and mated with humans. Others say that our ancestor were cursed. Nobody knows for sure. What we do know, is that we’ve existed about as long as humanity has.”

Jensen’s attention peaked, no matter how scared he was.

“But what we do know, is that as Lycans, our form is more malleable than that of a human, these forms, these human shapes, they’re not the real us, they’re just a disguise we wear amongst humans.”

“Well that and it’s a damn sight easier to drive a car when you got thumbs, and no tail to get in the way while you’re driving.” One of the other weres muttered.

Jared ignored him. “Our human forms only reflect a small portion of whom we are, and that includes gender. Where with humans and most other animals, you can detect their gender based on primary visual characteristics, with Lycans, it’s a bit harder than that.“

Jensen stared around him, wondering about the girl were who was currently going through a magazine, ignoring Jared.

“As such, our raced formed three genders. The Alpha, who provides the seed for breeding, the beta who supports his or her alpha and stands by their side, and the Omega who carries of the offspring and brings them to life. “

“But …” what did this have to do with him, he wondered as a cold feeling grabbed hold of his gut. “I’m not a lyceanthrophe, so…”

“Like I said, generally, Lycans are born, not made. But, there’s one exception.”

Jensen unconsciously started to push back in the couch, desperately trying not to remember what had happened the night before, or how he shouldn’t have survived that, how he should be with Josh now.

“There has been a long standing rule amongst our people, that if a Lycean mates with a human, they must take their mate and leave the Pack. For most, that’s considered death, because a Lycean doesn’t do well without their Pack around to support them. Some though, some thrive, living amongst humans.

Legend says that the turning ritual was started because most pups born of betas were born human, instead of Lycan, that it was a way for the children of Betas to earn their place in the Pack. But due to the high mortality rate amongst those who tried it, the ritual became forbidden and most betas were sterilized as soon as they came into their true gender, to save them from having to give up their Packs or risk their children’s lives.“

“That’s what happened to Josh?” Jensen asked, tears starting to form in his eyes.

“It’s what happened to all of you.”

Jensen stared up at him in shock. “Why?”

“Ten years ago, a group of humans called the ‘Righteous men’ unleashed a virus that swept across Lycanthropes all across the world. “

“But the police stopped them, they got arrested.”

“Yes, but the cost remains amongst our people. The virus targeted Omegas, most of them died. My father-Omega was one of them.” Jensen stared at Jared, strung between feeling sorry for the man, and wanting to yell at the guy that he’d had nothing to do with that. “The ones that did survive, never fully recovered. We are desperate, Jensen. Without Omegas, our race is doomed.” Jensen froze as Jared lay his humongous hand on top of Jensen’s. “And that’s where you come in.” Jensen started shaking.

“I’m not… my parents are humans, you can’t…”

“Your parents are, and so are your grandparents and their parents before them. But somewhere in your lineage is a Lycan who mated with a human. The potential for Lycan genes still rests inside of you. Our hope was to activate those genes, turn you, and give our people one last chance for survival.”

“But you said…”

Jared ignored his interruption, continuing on unstopped. “All turned humans become omegas, I guess it was a genetic survival mechanism, I don’t know. But once you are fully turned, you’ll be an Omega, my Omega, and my beta and I will make sure that you and our pups will have…”

Jensen didn’t care to let him continue, staring around him.
“You’re crazy, you’re crazy and you murdered Josh and you’re crazy. I’m not an Omega, I’m a boy, we don’t have kids, or puppies or. You murdered Josh and I don’t want this. I want to go home.”

He didn’t realize he’d been screaming until his throat was hoarse and the Lycans around him just sat there as if he was a toddler having a tantrum. Jensen got up from his seat, crawled back up the ladder and hid himself underneath the sheets. He knew it wouldn’t offer much protection if they did want to get him out of it. But he didn’t care, he just had to find an escape and get out, before they killed him like they did Josh. He didn’t even try to think about his nails, or how tantalizing Jared smelled and how much he wanted the Were’s touch on his skin. He hated Jared, he hated him so much.

He didn’t even try to think of the laughing coming from below or the way Jared shut them down. He definitely didn't want to think about the part of him that wanted to hide behind Jared and indulge in his protection.


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