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Fic: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs (2/?)

Title: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs
Author: liliaeth
Artist: bumerbmw
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jared/Genevieve
Words: 12704
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 – AU,extreme underage(Jensen is twelve), non-con, sentient bestiality (were on human), non-con turning, knotting, murder of children, death of a major character (though not one of the leads), mentions of m-preg
Summary: When a man created plague wipes out most Omegas on the planet, desperate Weres kidnap human children to turn them into their new Omegas. Turning humans though is not nearly as easy as legends would have you believe.


Jared held on to the boy until morning, long after his knot had deflated and he could have pulled out, barely even realizing he’d turned into his human form as the moon faded out of the nights sky. The boy’s heart rattled in his chest as his body battled itself for survival. The battle between its humanity and its dormant werewolf genes had gone on all night and Jared was happy that the child had at least had the mercy of being unconscious through most of it. The boys face even now felt wet with tears and Jared wished there were a way to change what had happened.

He remembered being that age, just a child, desperately doing anything to lower his papas fever, while mom and dad were arguing on the phone to please get a healer to their home. His brother had been in the kitchen, cooking, while his sister… their sweet little Megan hadn’t even managed to survive the night. Her infant body far too weak to withstand even that much of the fever.

Papa had looked at Jared, lifting his hand, brushing it through Jared’s hair. “Shhh my beautiful, we’ll run again, no matter what. One day, you and I and Megan will run along the moon together, and I’ll…” His words were stopped by another burst of coughing and Jared had pulled up the bucket desperate to make things easier for his papa. Mom had seemed so lost, desperate to give strength to their alpha as she and Jared and Jeff looked after the family Omega, desperate to get him through the night. They’d failed.

The healer had arrived the next morning, an hour after Papa had joined the moon. There had been nothing any of them could have done. That didn’t make it easier.

May the gods have mercy on their souls for doing this, for tormenting these children like this. But what choice did they have? Not after the ‘Righteous Men’, he spat at the very thought of the group’s name, unleashed their virus. At first they’d all thought it was a bust, just a cold. They were Weres, it shouldn’t have been something their bodies couldn’t handle. Only… they’d been wrong. So wrong.

The Omegas had been the worst afflicted, their bodies harboring the virus, multiplying it and ultimately being overtaken by it. Jared’s papa had taken five days to die, he’d been in pain and caught in delusion for most of that time. He’d been lucky, most Omegas deaths weren’t that swift. The ones that didn’t die outright were left barren, their bodies devastated by the virus’ effect.

Over three quarters of the world’s Lycean population had perished within the first three months, and half of those that remained were left sterile. It had taken the Council seven years before they found a vaccine and destroyed the virus to its root source. But even once they had, the ones remaining were facing extinction.

Most werewolves had accepted their fate, seen it as a punishment for whatever wrong they’d committed against their gods. For years they’d chanted to the sky, changed their way, went back to the old traditions. None of what they did had seemed to matter, the gods had all too obviously turned their backs on their children.

Jared had hated them for letting go, for just giving in.

And then Chad had told them about the Pact. About a small group of Weres that had not been so willing to lay down and die. They’d fought their case until the council granted permission for their last ditch attempt to salvage their species. But even the council hadn’t fully realize the depth of the Pacts plan.

Thinking back to a pair of dead eyes, Jared wished once more that they’d kept their honor and refused. Wished that he’d just gone with his mother and refused the evil they were doing. But once the council gave the go ahead, even his father had no longer protested. They both mourned papa in their own ways, and Jared still didn’t know which of the two of them was right.

For most of Lycean history, matings with humans had been anathema in Were societies. If a Lycean did mate with a human, they and their offspring were banished to the human world. Children of such pairings were always born human, and though they bore the potential for Lycean genetics inside of them, the ritual needed to activate those genes was considered cruel and potentially lethal. It was how betas had been introduces ages ago, because most of the gods rejected the cruelty needed to make them fully were. And only Lehne of the full moon would stand with those who tried the rite.

Even now, Jared could hear Christopher and Sandy’s howling at the moon, filled with grief and pain over the mates taken away from them.. The children’s bodies refusing the change. And without the change occurring, the chance of these children surviving was minimal. No matter what the healers had done to save them. Their mates knots had ripped them apart, for even had humans been able to survive a regular wolf’s knots, a were was far larger than their brethren from the woods.

Jared took another look at the boy in his arms and thanked the gods that his Jensen at least had survived, would survive. He licked the boy’s neck, down to his back, washing off the blood and transpiration, feeling the salty taste of the boys tears on his face. They mixed with his own as he thought of the revulsion his papa would feel towards him over the sin he’d cursed on his soul.

He could already smell pack on the boy, it was faint, but it was there. It had to be there, because without it, his mate would have died as well. It was one of the rules, the Lyean activating the gene, had to be descended from the same Pack lineage as the one whose genes were activated. So they shared some common ancestor. The daughter of an alpha who’d fallen in love with a human over two centuries ago.

It had been near impossible to find the lineages of those children born from human and Lycean matings, they’d often hidden to keep away from retribution by either side of their blood. Starting anew, and keeping no links to their heritage. Even with this group, all they’d known was a general location where one of those pairings had finally settled themselves.

They had tracked the alphas daughter and knew that some of the children in the area had to descend from her line, but only extensive testing had revealed the ones that were. He knew that in the outside world, the humans had started a hunt against any Lycean unfortunate enough to still be in the area. He couldn’t blame them, the cops were desperate to find them and take their revenge, to take the only hope Lycans had found, away from them. The idea of it was horrifying, even knowing they might have to do it again, since you couldn’t restart the species with only five omegas.

Because that was the thing, every human descending from Lycans, who’s genetic potential was activated, came out as an omega. It was that very bit of omega in their nature that kept them alive through the change. Some even said that’s why the ones who died did, because they were too alpha to give in. The change still wasn’t permanent, that would come over the next few days. But once it set in, Jared would have a mate, and as much as he hated putting any of them through this, he’d make sure that the boy and their pups would be safe and provided for, for the remainder of their lives. Even if his mate would never look at him again after what he was about to do to him.

“Jared?” He stared up at the healer who was standing over him and his mate. “We need to check up on him.” Jared wanted to fight him, his possessiveness desperate to keep anyone but himself away from the boy he was holding. But he knew better. He was more than his instincts and the healers needed to do their work to ensure that his mate was healing safely.

It was a struggle letting go of the boy, allowing any of the others near him. Jared couldn’t stand to look at him, he knew they felt the same way about him. It was a small mercy that most of Lycean society had no idea what the Pact was up to, if they had, they’d have risen against it. Refusing to allow Were society to be smeared with the blood of the innocent. Doing this went against everything Lycans stood for. Many of the Packs had already turned their backs on the Pact, but they had to do this, didn’t they? Didn’t their species at least deserve a chance at trying to be saved?

He cut his hands on a rock as he got up, watched his blood flood into the soil with that of his mate. The cut didn't heal.


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