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Fic: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs (1/?)

Title: Righteous Were: Kids to cubs
Author: liliaeth
Artist: bumerbmw
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jared/Genevieve
Words: 12704
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 – AU,extreme underage(Jensen is twelve), non-con, sentient bestiality (were on human), non-con turning, knotting, murder of children, death of a major character (though not one of the leads), mentions of m-preg
Summary: When a man created plague wipes out most Omegas on the planet, desperate Weres kidnap human children to turn them into their new Omegas. Turning humans though is not nearly as easy as legends would have you believe.


The alarm bell rang like the alarm of a shuttle, and Jensen pulled his pillow over his head, turned around once or twice before the door slammed open and Josh came storming in, yawning as he slapped the button in Jensen’s stead, leaving behind nothing but blessed silence.

When Jensen got out of bed that morning, half an hour later, he had no idea that it would be the last time he’d wake up in his astronaut covered bedroom. It would be the last time he’d stare up at the stars his dad had painstakingly painted on the ceiling, and the last time he’d hear his mom yell at him to hurry up, because the school bus would be there at any minute.

He managed to get into the bathroom, mere seconds before Josh and was first to come downstairs to see his mom messing around with MacKenzie who was throwing babyfood around like it was confetti at anything or anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way.

The advantage of being down first of course was the Lucky Charms box and the fact that he’d gotten there just in time to get the last bowl before Josh did.

Losers snoozers, Jensen thought as he grabbed the prize at the bottom of the box. It was a wolf badge, the last of the set he needed to make his collection complete. Josh snorted at him when he sat down, stuffing his physics book back in his schoolbag, grabbed the box and realized it was empty.

Before any more fights could break out, they heard the horn of the bus and both of them ran outside. Jensen barely remembered in time to pick up his backpack, before rushing outside. Jensen still wasn’t used to the idea of the bus stopping in front of the door these days. (or the thirty minutes that they lost with the bus needing the time to pick up each kid individually. But it was all part of the safety measures the city council had put in place after recent werewolf attacks in the state. Couldn’t have a kid walk to the end of the street on his own, who knows if a rogue werewolf might make a grab for them. Jensen couldn’t even think of a reason why any werewolf would ever be interested in him, let out Josh. It’s not like their family had any connections with just about anything.

They weren’t rich, they didn’t have connections, they weren’t anything. Their dad was an accountant, their mom a shopkeeper. Their grandparents had worked at the local factory, and they had no uncles or aunts to get them in trouble. Jensen guessed they had to keep the rules for everyone. Whether it was the chief of police kids, or the kids from the trailerpark at the edge of town.

Josh quickly went up to the back of the bus, dumped his bag on the floor before leaning over the back of the chair in front of him talking to his best friends, Charlie and Mike, ignoring his brother as he usually did the second they left the door. Jensen, not to admit that he cared, took whatever empty seat was left in the front of the bus, right behind the guard. Mister Nismith had been joining them for the past month and Jensen still couldn’t help staring at the big gun on the man’s hip whenever he saw it.

It took almost an hour before the bus finally headed to the school itself, picking up the last kid about ten minutes before they reached the inner city. And this while the trip only used to take twenty minutes or so. Jensen couldn’t help a yawn, before taking another bite from the snack mom had given him for the first break. It never seemed to last that long.

The bus was full, Jensen knew from previous cases of being bored to death, that there were about 78 seats on the bus, only about five of those were left free today. Ages varied from seniors from the local highschool to kid’s of Jensen’s own age who’d only just started junior high.

Even with Josh barely willing to admit he existed, Jensen still couldn’t help think how awesome it was to no longer have to take the elementary school bus. The bright pictures of clowns and knights might have been cool when he was a kid, but he was really getting too old for that kind of stuff.

The road around them was mostly empty, too late for people heading to work, and too early for anyone else. The only ones there were them and the van that had been following them for the past five minutes or so.

Suddenly he heard a loud snap, and the bus swerved for a second, before the driver gained enough control to get the bus to the side of the road. Jensen bumped up to the glass, barely raising his hand in time to keep from bruising.

The van behind them slowed down barely in time to keep from hitting them and stopped on the road, the driver, a man with long hair got out and came towards them.

Jensen barely stopped himself from growling in protest, and opened his bag to check his still life to make sure that the sudden stop hadn’t smashed anything. With the way today was going, they’d be late, again. And this while he’d been hoping to get there half an hour before class so he coujdl make some last minute fixes on his still life before turning it in.

The driver, the teacher and the guard got up from their seats and while the teacher remained at the door the guard went out to help the driver with the tire. Jensen was dozing off in his chair when he noticed the driver of the van coming up to the bus. Dust rose up from over the hill and Jensen stared as he saw another van coming closer. No not one van, two, from one side, and two more coming from the other side. All of them stopped, surrounding the bus. Jensen wasn’t the only kid that got up to the windows, trying to see what was happening. He could see the guard grabbing for his gun, but it was already too late, and he was thrown to the ground mere seconds later. There were about ten of them. Six men, four women, getting closer and closer to the bus.

Several of the kids tried to get to the back of the bus when the men stepped on the bus, looking around at them with determined looks on their faces. Some of the older kids tried to fight back, but it was over before it even started.

One of the Weres grabbed his arm and dragged Jensen and the girl sitting on the seat next to him to the front of the bus. Jensen tried to grab hold of a seat. But it was pointless. It seemed only seconds later that he was pushed into one of the vans, crawling as far from the Weres as he could manage, staring at his brother who was dragged bound and tied into one of the others. One of the kids was screaming for her sister who was left back in the bus. “Please don’t.” From what Jensen could see, Josh was one of the oldest kids taken, the older teens were left in the bus along with the adults.

Jensen only kept from screaming, because he wouldn’t give these bastards the pleasure. They were pushed on the floor in the back of the van, told to sit down for their own safety, not that all the kids were listening, several of them started hitting the walls of the van, trying to get someone, anyone’s attention as the vans drove on.

Jensen started praying, too scared to even remember that he’d stopped believing in God months ago. Danneel started crying, she glared at him when he tried to help, her eyes covered in tears. She still startled when the doors were opened.

More of the men, Weres, Jensen realized. Well not just men, men and women. They all had the trademark necklaces, that were supposed to have some religious meaning to Weres. Or at least that’s what one of the documentaries on were attacks had said. Mom had tried to stop him from watching it, but Dad had given the ok, said it couldn’t hurt.

They looked like humans, even their eyes looked normal. Jensen tried not to show it, but he was scared, what if the Weres wanted to kill them, or even eat them?

It used to be that Weres and humans lived in peace, they’d had truces and decades if not centuries of coexistence. There were shows about Were heroes and about humans and Weres working together in copshows. No one would have looked up twice at meeting a Were in the city, and Were kids were even starting to follow classes in human schools. Jensen had seen the pictures and everyone seemed to be heading to a future where Weres would just be another population group and no one but the most stupid of bigots would care.

Except … the bigots wouldn’t just let it come to that. About ten years ago, some group of religious nutcases had released a virus amongst the Weres. No one knew how it worked exactly, just that it targeted Weres. A lot of them died, and even the ones that didn’t were left sick. Before the attack, Weres had been a growing population, now they were on the brink of starvation in only a few generations. The Weres had stayed calm at first, demanding the capture of the terrorists. Helping in the investigation, keeping in their rage until the ones responsible were caught. And that’s when things went horribly wrong.

The Weres wanted the members of the cult handed over to them for their judgment.. The human authorities disagreed, sentencing them to life in jail instead. No matter how the Weres asked, begged or threatened, their demands were met with a no.

A few months later, every last member of the cult was kidnapped from their jail cell, and found torn to pieces on a field some days later. And all the Weres went underground, returning only for the occasional attack, with stories about them growing by the day.

And then kids started going missing. At first mostly runaways, troubled kids, loners. They’d disappear for a few weeks, and then the ones that reappeared looked somewhat haunted when they came back, but few of them dared to talk what had happened to them. Some of them even seemed sad to return at all. The cops didn’t talk about it.

Then things got worse and it was kids related to members of the cult who started disappearing. The same pattern, only these kids were horrified more than anything else. Jensen had seen the picture of one of them in the papers a few months back. The only hope he had was that most of the others had returned, the Weres hadn’t killed them..

Jensen and the other kids were dragged out of the van. Zach kept screaming about his dad who was a cop and who’d make them pay, while Byron and Liz were crying openly. Jensen remained silent until he saw his brother dragged out of one of the other vans, yelling his name. Josh started struggling, trying to get to him then. The Weres looked at one another, before pushing Josh towards Jensen.

Josh instantly started asking if he was ok, checking him over, and Jensen just stood there, not knowing how to react. He knew his brother cared, but Josh rarely admitted to doing so in public. Not anymore, not now he was all grown up and stuff. He wouldn’t admit it, but it was nice.

They were all ordered to follow and Josh stayed close to Jensen while they did so. The Weres didn’t seem to have a problem with letting Josh stay near Jensen while they were all divided in groups. In fact, theirs wasn’t the only case like that. It seemed like the Weres were careful not to separate family members or friends, if they didn’t have to. It was weird how considerate they seemed to be about some things, while in others they were harsh and cruel.

But no weirder than having a doctor come in and check them over as they were sent towards her one by one. Jensen had his blood taken, his heart rate tested and tons of other things that made no sense whatsoever. By the time they were fed, he was exhausted, leaning into Josh for comfort, neither of them caring any longer who did or didn’t see. Jensen shivered, trembling whenever one of the Weres keeping an eye on them moved even the slightest bit.

After lunch they were sent to what looked like some kind of rec room. There were books, board games and there was even a television. When no one dared move towards it, one of the Weres turned it on, put in USB stick and set the TV on random. It started playing some old movie, Jensen didn’t bother to watch it, but the sound in the background was at least somewhat soothing.

Jensen stared at his backpack that he’d somehow managed to drag with him throughout it all and opened it. He hadn’t finished his math homework last night, planning to work on it during lunch. Josh snorted geek, but kept quiet next to him otherwise.

For an hour he could pretend they were just in some youth group, that the guards at the door were there to protect them instead of to keep them from escaping. And then the individual calls came. Each kid was called by name based on the list the Weres must have gotten from the driver.
When it was Jensen’s turn to be called, Josh tried to stop them, but it was no use. He had no idea what the Weres were even looking for, all he knew was that some of the tests hurt, hurt bad and others were just ridiculous. What he did know is that when it was over, he was given a green stamp on his hand before getting sent back to the rec room. It wasn’t until his brother came back with the same stamp, that he realized they were some of the only ones that did. Most of the other kids hands remained empty.

In the evening, they were given sleeping bags and the lights in the room were turned down. Jensen cuddled up against his brother for warmth. When he woke up next morning, he started crying when he realized it hadn’t been a dream. Josh didn’t even mock him over it. That was the scariest part of all.

It was embarrassing, he was twelve, he wasn’t some little kid, but he was still terrified.
Two days later most of the kids were taken away, about ten or so of them remained. When Josh asked what was happening to the others, one of the Weres growled out that it wasn’t any of his business. But the other one beside him took some pity on them and said they shouldn’t worry, the other kids were going home. “But what about us?” Josh asked.

The Were looked at them with pity in his eyes. The guy was huge, bigger than Dad even, and Jensen unconsciously took a step back.. He had long hair and big eyes that made him look like a huge overgrown puppy. And right now, he was looking at them as if he felt sorry for them.
“Everything will be fine.” He repeated. “We just have to make sure first.”

Then the giant puppy left the room, leaving them alone with the other guard. A guard with a look on his face that made it clear he wouldn’t be so open to answering any more questions.
Jensen got to wash himself at a faucet later that evening and wished for his parents huge bath. By now even his mom’s burned pancakes were starting to look good when he thought of them.

He’d finished all his advance homework for the next few weeks and he’d even started reading his math text book, trying out some of the math problems, the numbers helped him feel better, even if they did make his brother repeat his catchphrase of ‘geek’.

When the puppy guy came back, Jensen looked up at him before returning his attention to his page. Jared is what the other guy, Chad, called him. There was just something about him, Jensen wished he knew what it was.

Two days later Tom and Rich were taken along with Liz. Leaving the seven of them.
Him, Josh, Zach, Danneel, Willow, Steve and Allison. Jensen had no idea why. He knew that Willow and Steve were distant cousins of theirs, distant enough that it was only ever mentioned at family reunions. But other than that he couldn’t see any connections between any of them.
Josh was still the oldest kid in the room.

Jensen was sitting on the toilet when he overheard them talking. The two guards, Jared an Chad.

“This isn’t right, Chad, they’re just kids.”

“So were a lot of the omegas that died ten years ago.”

“Some of those kids were barely even out of diapers back then.”

“Jay, man, I know this is hard, but it’s not like we’ve got another choice. We need Omegas, Jay. Jared, if we don’t get new Omegas, soon there won’t be any of us left.”

“I know, I just…”

“Look, no one wants to harm a bunch of cubs. But you know what the council said. It was either this or extinction, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not letting those bastards win. I can’t. They killed too many of us already.”

“So what, if they give you one of the kids, you’ll do ‘it’? Push through and pretend it’s all normal?” Jared sounded disgusted, yet oddly resigned.

Jensen heard the water flushed away as they left the toilet, he started shaking. Terrified more than ever of what awaited them. He didn’t even open his books after that, just sat down with Josh, who’d grabbed a few of the extra blankets and had made them a slightly more comfortable nest on one of the couches. Several of the others had done the same.

None of them dared to move much, staring at the television, but hardly watching what was on. All of them sat up when they heard the doors open and saw more of the Weres coming in. these ones looked like they jumped right out of one of those documentaries on were spirit priests.
The kids were told to step forward, and remove their clothes. Josh tried to refuse for all of them, but one look from one of the newcomers convinced him otherwise. Once they were naked, the new guys started soaping them up, bathing them with sponges and a clean bowl per kid. Jensen stared at Josh, barely keeping himself from screaming stranger danger when the guy preparing him rubbed him in private places that strangers weren’t supposed to touch. He tried to say that he could wash himself, if the guy just gave him the bowl, he’d do it, but his hands were slapped away and he was told to keep quiet. Josh glared at the men, but motioned at Jensen to just let it pass, praying this would be over soon.

They were dried with soft towels and Jensen was hoping for clothes soon when a small dab of paint proved that they’d only just started. The priests started drawing some kind of pictures on the kids’ skin, it was almost funny, Jensen stared at his brother first, looking at the swirls, circle, lines and other stuff, and trying not to scratch himself. He didn’t think they’d like that.

By the time the old men were finished with their fingerpaint, Jensen doubted there was a single part of his body that wasn’t covered in the itchy stuff. Or at least so he thought. Then the guy forced him to open his legs and Jensen was too stunned to fight him as the man’s wrinkled finger moved down his ass and into his crack.

“Don’t you touch my brother.” He heard Josh screaming, but it was no use. A second finger was pushed inside of him, leaving something slimy behind. It just made him feel like he had to go to the toilet. He felt sick, something pushed at his throat and he knew it was the lunch that he’d earlier, people weren’t supposed to do this, only bad evil people did this to kids, or so the teacher said when they talked about strangers in trench coats and people trying to lure them in vans with candy. None of that seemed to matter to the men getting them ready, Jensen tried to reach out for Josh as they were pushed outside, but his brother was inches out of reach, even as the light hitting their eyes nearly blinded them.

For a second Jensen was happy as he felt the fresh air roll over him, until it hit him how cold it was outside. He tried to hold himself for warmth, but was snapped at for doing so. They couldn’t have him upsetting their pretty pictures now could they…

It didn’t seem to matter to the Weres how cold it was, or that Jensen’s and the other kid’s feet were bare, they just forced them to march up the path until they hit a clearing. Jensen almost tried to run when he saw what was waiting for them. Dozens of Weres, all in their wolf forms.

Maybe he’d been right before, maybe they did plan to eat them?
They were all placed in a circle, their places marked with some kind of symbols. If all of it weren’t so scary, it’s probably be fascinating. In fact if this was some documentary, Jensen would probably be hooked on the screen watching it. The way the wolves started pacing around them, some of them coming forward, sniffing them before rejoining the pack.

Then one of the wolves stopped in front of Danneel, she started backing up, but the wolf wouldn’t let her. Turning round and round, its tail occasionally touching the girl’s ankles. Jensen had been so busy looking at her, that it took him a second to realize the huge brown wolf heading his own way, but once he did, he couldn’t think of anyone else, he just froze.
The wolf wasn’t even threatening him, just being there, too close with its big mouth and huge teeth, stepping on its paws with claws, drawing the circle even deeper around Jensen. Jensen just started crying, he couldn’t stop himself, too scared, too everything.

And then he heard Joss scream, his brother was strong, brave, he wasn’t ever scared, except now he was. Jensen wanted to run towards him, but the wolf with him, wouldn’t let him, kept trying to push him back, forcing him to stay in his circle. But this was Josh and he didn’t care. He just ran, ran to see his brother on the ground, a wolf sitting over him, licking the blood from his body.

“Josh.” Jensen whispered. A shimmer ran through the wolf as he turned to human in front of them. A very naked man, covered in blood, Josh’s blood. “Somebody get a healer”, the naked man screamed. The wolf holding Jensen froze just long enough for Jensen to run to his brother, kneeling beside him, ignoring the blood on his back and thighs. “Josh!”

Someone tried to pull him away, but was stopped. “They're brothers, respect the blood if nothing else.” A almost familiar voice stated.

Jensen didn’t care, tugging Josh’ arm, hoping for an answer. His brother lifted his head for a second, seeing Jensen.”I’m so sorry.” Josh whispered, spitting out blood with his words. “I should have protected you.”

“Please Josh, don’t leave me.”Jensen cried, staring around him as several of the wolves turned into men, and two more came running, holding a bag. One of them was one of the priests that had prepared them earlier.

Jensen was pulled away from his brother, he stared around, seeing the guard he’d seen before, Jared. Jared who was just as naked as the monster who’d taken Josh. Jared who loomed over him, seeming even larger without clothes than he had with thme on. “Please.” Jensen begged, tears stood in his eyes. The man, the were just pulled Jensen closer, making Jensen face away from Josh and the men working on him.

“I’m sorry.” Jared said as his hand rubbed over Jensen’s shoulders.

Jensen would have slumped down and fallen if the Were hadn’t been holding him up.

“The ritual has to continue.”

The guard finally released Jensen somewhat, turning to the priest. “You’ve got to be kidding. The kid just watched his brother die.”

“I understand Jared al Gerald, but we cannot wait. Now is the time for the ritual.”

“We can wait a moon.”

“No, the humans are on our trail already and only Weres may enter Pack territory. The time for the ritual is now. Unless you wish to stand up against the council.”

Jared glared at the priest before lowering his eyes and turning his focus back on Jensen who looked up at him with tear filled eyes, too terrified and struck with grief to move.

“I’m sorry.” Jared said, as he took a step back and started shifting, back to the brown wolf that had picked Jensen out earlier. Jensen just let himself be pushed back into the symbols, and didn’t even fight as the wolf pushed him down on the forest floor in front of all the other wolves. Jensen just sat there on his knees staring up at the huge wolf that circled around him, even as it licked his face, back and thighs in no particular order.

He was going to die, he was sure of it, but at least he’d be with his brother.

The wolf continued bathing him with its tongue, Jensen wondered if the thing that had been Jared planned to remove all the paint the priests had painstakingly put on him, maybe it was some kind of appetizer in the first place. He felt almost removed from his body, he folded double, as if trying to protect his genitals from sight and got a few more licks in response to it. Moving up his back and towards his ass that he remembered too late was far too easy to access in this position.

The wolf pushed his legs open before Jensen fully realized what was happening, what had happened to Josh. Jensen screamed as the wolf’s snout touched his ass, it’s wet nose feeling almost warm against his skin, sniffing him once again, ignoring his tears, ignoring him as he tried to beg for answers, wanting to know what was going on. Then the wolf bit his side and his screams grew even louder, joining along with that of the others, he stared up at the sky, his mind stepping out of his body as he realized for the first time that it was a full moon.

The wolf jumped up on his back and something was touching his ass, pushing into it, tearing him open, and his howls grew even louder as something even larger was pushed inside of him. He knew he was dying, he had to be, how could anyone possibly survive this?

He thought of Josh, the memory of his brother’s face followed him into the dark.


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