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Sometimes it's hard to know the difference between right and wrong. Over fifteen years ago, the police arrested Mark Dutroux, his wife Michele Martin, and several others involving the kidnapping, rape, abuse and eventual murder of several young girls between the age of eight and nineteen. Dutroux thankfully is still in prison.

His wife on the other hand was recently released since she served over half of her thirty year sentence. And the country has been in uproar over it; ever since word first got out that she was to be released if she could manage to find shelter in a convent.

On one hand, she did do her time, she was punished for her crime, and the law Lejeune specifically allows prisoners to be released early on good behavior.

On the other hand, this woman, who's often called the most hated woman in Belgium, did something so horrible, that the idea of releasing her is just beyond understanding.

Not only did she stand back and even help her husband in keeping children captive, not only did she not do anything to save them. But she allowed two eight year old girls to starve to dead while her husband was in prison.

Think about that for a second, this woman, literally did nothing, nothing, not just to help save those children, but she refused to even go down stairs to the cellar and feed these two little girls that her husband had kidnapped, had been abusing and had been raping.

She did feed his dogs though.

Let's not even start on the fact that even though the cops were in their house they didn't find the kids while searching it the first time around, we've had plenty of white marches about that one.

She claims she was too scared of her husband to go downstairs and feed his victims.

Her lawyer claims she can be rehabilitated.

The only one speaking up in her defense that I can somewhat understand is one of their sons, who though he makes no excuses, feels that she's done her time, and should be allowed to be free. I mean the poor kid grew up all his life being the child of these people, seeing them get arrested, having to live with their name and the shame that comes with it.

The thing for me though, is that though I utterly despise this woman for what she did, I can't bring myself to condemn the order of the Arme Klaren (Clarisses) for taking her in, because that is part of their duty as a religious order. To be about forgiveness rather than vengeance.

Still, this woman should not have been released so soon. And a dark vengeful part of me, wishes that she'd find out what it's like to be without food and little or no water for weeks and see how she'd like it.

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