Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just some thoughts on the Avengers

Well my digibox finally allowed me to download/rent the Avengers yesterday, so naturally I decided to do so.

After watching the movie, I can only say a few things.

1. My favorite character is still Steve Rogers, With Tony and Thor on a shared second place. (even though I still prefer Steve as the woobie of the two, Tony just works better as the funny guy, then he does as someone you have to feel sorry for.)

2. I couldn't care less about Loki. Now I love that Thor still loves his brother, but personally, Loki just doesn't do it for me at all. He's too arrogant and whiny for my tastes. Not to mention that the only thing he learns from his mistakes, is how to feel more sorry for himself, unlike Thor, who has his flaws, but tries to improve himself and become a better person despite his flaws.

3. I was unsure about Fury until he refused orders in regards to nuking Manhattan and showed that his priority was saving lives,not just finding an easy way to win the battle.

4. Black Widow gets more awesome the more I watch the movie and I really want to watch a movie starring her. Hawkeye can be in it, but he doesn't have to be. I definitely wouldn't mind a what's the female term for bromance, sistermance?, with Maria Hill though.

5. I don't really care about Phil Coulson,never have,but it was interesting to note that Phil was the one who told Fury to use his death to motivate the Avengers.

6. I love that in the end the final battle wasn't about the Avengers saving their love interests/one of their own, but about saving innocent civilians/New York. I loved the first three Spider-Man movies, but utterly hated that all three of them ended with Mary Jane in danger and Peter having to save her. It just feels more heroic to me to see the heroes save total strangers, than it is to see them save their own loved ones.

7. Cap saying "Hulk... smash", is still one of the best lines of the movie.

8. I really want to see Thor running into the Winchesters, which is why I'm writing a SPN-crossover for the Avengers crossover big bang. I mean seriously, with their opinions on gods, that's a meeting that'd be fun as hell to write.

9. I also want to have Cap run into Cas.

10. Pepper is way too good for Tony.

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