Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Why I'll probably always be an outsider in Teen Wolf fandom

It's taken me a while, but I think I've finally realized the source of my disconnect with most of Teen Wolf fandom.

Stiles is not in my top three of favorite characters on the show.

Reason for that I think, is that he reminds me way too much of Willow from BtVS.

All cutesy, with the writers expecting us to love him.

Now I don't despise him, like I do with Willow, but he's not in my top five either.

I also seem to be odd, in that I utterly love Scott, and my primary focus in Teen Wolf is Scott and his relationships. I like Stiles as Scott's friend, but with the focus on Scott, not on Stiles. And I know this'll probably be a shock, but I do not ship Derek/Stiles at all. I just don't see the pairing on screen, not even in the subtext.

Now I prefer Scott/Allison,but if I had to go for a slash ship, it'd probably be Scott/Derek, much more subtext and far far hotter*eg*

Also,and this is probably considered a sin, I can not stand Jackson. No matter how pretty people might think he is. (honestly, Scott imo is far more attractive) I think he's an arrogant egotistical whiny jerk. Now I can take some degree of asshole in my characters, but Jackson's past just does not live up to his degree of whininess. (it's kinda like why Loki isn't in my top ten of Avengers chars.) I mean seriously, yes his parents died, but he had loving adoptive parents who clearly care for him and would do anything for him. And the little idiot just completely ignores them, except for what he can get from or out of them. He knew Isaac was being abused by his father, yet didn't think it was his business to speak up against it.

To not even start on the jerk-jock attitude he has otherwise. So far his only positive trait is his acceptance of and friendship with Danny. And I'm sorry,but that just isn't enough to redeem him in my eyes.

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