Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

It's weird,but I'm always shocked to hear about the costs of healthcare in the US. Can doctors, and especially specialists really demand fees that high?

Just thinking, even without the Ziekenfonds here, I'd still barely pay 30€ for a visit to my GP. And a visit to a specialist costed me about the same, in preparation to my operation. With aid from the Ziekenfonds that amount can usually be cut in two if not more. The same goes for dentists.

Or when I hear about vet visits for pets that cost over a 1000. Now my Dru's only had one bit of surgery, aka her sterilisation. But even with that included, I don't think I've spent more than 200€ on all of her vet visits and care in all the years I've had the joy of her companionship.

I mean I've got a hospitalisation insurrance, but honestly, that's more for paying stuff like hospital rooms and post-hospital care, than to pay the doctors. And I don't think that I pay more than a 100€ a year on my Ziekenfonds either.

That aside, my stupid main comp refuses to start up since saturday. I have no idea what's wrong, everything was ok on friday when I pulled out the plug cause I was staying over at my mom's place, and now it utterly refuses to work. If I was actually able to bend over as I should, I'd pull out all unnecessery plugs and try again that way, but... just glad I recently bought this netbook or I wouldn't be able to go online at all.

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