Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Hmm, I'm a bit worried.

Now that I got my regular big bang done, I was planning to start working on my gen big bang, it's just...

I have this plotbunny, with the Winchesters accidentally getting trapped in a mall somewhere, accidentally forced to take hostages. And with the cops surrounding them outside thinking them mass murderers because of what the leviChesters did in s7.

Now I'm probably stretching things, but after what happened in Colorado, I don't want anyone even considering that I'm trying to make any kind of connection to the mass murder there.

Now for one thing, the Winchesters obviously aren't going to murder any of their hostages, and none of it is happening anywhere near a movie theater, but part of me still worries. Probably because it was so recent.

I'm probably worried over nothing, but still... should I stick with the bunny or try and find something else?

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