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Original fic, lost
Anyone else ever wrote a fic that due to fate or other reasons got lost, and that's probably for the best?

Back before I really got into fanfic, early days of writing and all, also pretty much my last years at the Hoge School, I ended up writing this story that at the time I was really happy to get finished.

Basically it was a combo of my love of the scene in Star Wars where Luke finds out he's Vader's son, the interest I had at the time in WW2, combined with my love of comics and the X-men in particular...

The main character, Rudolf, was the sixteen year grandson of Adolf Hitler. (I did mention the Star Wars bit right). The idea was that he utterly disagreed with his father's neo-nazi sympathies and was secretly fighting and occasionally killing Nazis and other violent hate groups. He was doing this wearing an armored suit, and having special powers meaning that he could heal with one hand, and kill with the other. (he was a product of genetic manipulation)

He ended up making friends with a young Jewish girl called Myriam who ended up becoming his sidekick, and together the two of them fought against Rudolf's father and his organization.

It was all about self discovery and making your own choices and stuff.

I wrote it on my aunt's computer, but before I could save it to a floppy, the floppy drive broke down. And then when I printed it in order to copy it, my sister lost the one copy I had. I figured I'll just print it again. Only before I could do that, well you guessed it, the computer broke down permanently.

In other words, story gone, with only a few pages left to remind me of it.

Still... part of me still, even now wants to rewrite that story, only with the knowledge I now have as an adult, instead of the teen I was when I originally wrote it... Don't know if it'd be worth it though.
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dollysdoodles From: dollysdoodles Date: July 24th, 2012 11:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Please give it a try again. Would love to read it, sounds like an interesting concept.
90scartoonman From: 90scartoonman Date: July 25th, 2012 03:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Rewriting it sounds like a fun idea, and I'm sure you'll discover more than you did when you first wrote it.
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